The Walking Dave Episode 3: Comics, Inspiration

The Walking Dave Podcast

I’m sick today and the last two recordings I did, the audio was messed up, which meant I had to get off my ass and walk TODAY if I wanted a post up here.

So, thank you, accountability!

In this episode, I answered Heather’s question on what comic strips I liked and how they shaped my own characters.

I also talked about the first thing which I truly loved about comic strips which shapes the stories I tell today. I wonder if you’ll guess what it is.

And then I was joined by a special guest.

No, not the killer osprey.

But my 6-year old son, E.

No, E is not his real name.

It’s his decoy name 🙂

A couple of housekeeping notes.

I’ll be doing an Author Hangout with Sean Platt tonight at 8PM, so head on over to the Collective Inkwell website for info on that.

It’s not a hangout with OTHER AUTHORS to talk about publishing. It’s a hangout for our Goners, to talk about our stuff and whatever else comes up.

Also, I’m trying to decide the best way to post these.

Before now, I just had episode numbers. Starting today, I’m adding a couple of things I talked about, so it’s easier for those who aren’t keeping track of numbers to know if they already listened to a particular episode.

I was wondering if you think I should do a different photo for each podcast too? I think seeing the same photo over and over can make the blog look ugly. Plus, it can be confusing to people seeing the same photo over and over (though the title helps a bit).

The biggest reason to use the same photo for the podcast posts is so people who have no interest in them, can easily decide to only click on posts with other photos, knowing that THOSE posts are non-podcast posts and something they can read.


I DO want to keep all of this on one blog, but I’d love to know what you think.

Thanks for listening (and reading),


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The Walking Dave Episode 3

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