The Walking Dave Podcast Episode 2

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday on the first post.

In today’s episode (recorded last Thursday), I walked and talked about the story I’m working on, Crash. Don’t worry, no spoilers.

I also talked about the music I’m listening to while writing Crash and why I think we like the music we like most.

I talked about trying to get my son to listen to “cool” music.

I talked about the hardest part of walking.

I updated you on my bird nemesis, which turned out NOT to be a falcon.

I mentioned Trish McCallan’s purchase of a treadmill desk, and how I might get one.

I talked about a pancake dinner I’m supposed to go to.

I talked about Carl Sinclair’s thoughts on a beta copy of Z 2136, and one thing he didn’t like.

I talked a bit about beta readers in general, and why we’ve never used them before.

Listen below (15:13)

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13 thoughts on “The Walking Dave Podcast Episode 2

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  1. Nice work sir. I really enjoy the conversation & atmosphere, it’s friendly & informative. I already miss the bird attacks though & you might want to wear a meat hat on your rambles. I also read that walking is as effective for depression as most drugs, may hap all drugs. Keep up the pace, don’t stroke out & I look forward to our next jaunt.

  2. I totally agree that perspective and distance both help tremendously when revising a draft. I’ve found that by utilizing feedback that either a) resonates with me as being true, and /or b) is consistent across multiple readers, I do pretty well on that front.

    I’m glad you had a good writing day. Perhaps the walking and sunshine has something to do with it?

    I listened to my parents’ music, too. In fact, my favorite band was Alice Cooper. In hindsight, this probably explains a lot. (I was three, and my favorite song was “Welcome To My Nightmare”.)


    Ahem. I mean, looking forward to the next podcast. 🙂

  3. Oh, I almost forgot–when I was working in men’s clothing for Big and Tall guys, my customers really liked the New Balance line of sneakers. If they’re still around, you might want to check them out.

  4. A pair of Osprey hunt the river below my dad’s place. It’s awesome to watch them hunt. But they sure do they have a chilling scream.

    My treadmill desk arrived last Friday, as promised, but I haven’t had a chance to put it together yet. We’ll see how easy I find it to walk and type. I think it would be hard too, but I know several people who have bought one, and they got used to it quickly. Plus- there’s a huge thread on the Kboards about TMDs too, with at least a dozen people using them, and they’ve all said that after a while their word count on the treadmill desk is higher than their word count on the regular desk–by at least 10-20%.

    I’m ten days into my morning walk now. I’ve been walking around 45 minutes, but my goal is to increase it to an hour and then start increasing speed. Right now I am walking very slowly. :). I’ll keep the morning walk up even after I set the treadmill desk up, since I love getting out in the fresh air and my dogs enjoy it as much as I do.

    Keep up the walking podcasts- I’m really enjoying them. 🙂

  5. Hey, Dave. I haven’t listened to these yet, but I love that you’re recording these while you walk. So, I figure I’ll listen to them when I go for my walk breaks at my day job, starting tomorrow. Seems like the ideal way to listen. Walk for walk.

  6. Heyo Dave,

    I had a dream about you last night. 😀 In the dream it was obvious you were succeeding in losing weight. I complemented you on that and said “You’re looking good.” You were smiling and wearing a gray tee-shirt, which was all baggy on you. And then, as dreams do, things went all sideways and WTF’ish. LOL

    So congrats on your weight loss and your starring role in my Crazy Dreams, which you now share with Cyndi Lauper, Brad Pitt, and Britney Spears. Hah hah hah!

    You asked about my name. Yes, “Mgon” is my real name, not a nom de plume. People ask questions about my name ALL the time, endlessly. I jokingly say “My name is more famous than I am.” Which is so true! *sigh*

    Regarding your writing times: Since you are more Night person than Day, when are you most productive? At night? Do you force yourself to write during the day? When do you get most of your writing done? I am curious about your process since I am a Night person and so totally NOT a Day person to the nth degree. Most of the time I’m up all night – when it’s blessedly peaceful and QUIET – and then I sleep when the accursed sun rises (so very vampire’esque). Heh-heh.

  7. Dave, I used to be heavily into walking and I found that Cross Trainers are fantastic shoes for it. I was walking an hour or so every day and they worked great for me. Reebok makes good ones.

  8. Love listening to this podcast. Very down to earth, and a bit more quiet than SPP and BOU, but we get more Dave-time here (obviously) 😉 Yay!

    About the music you play for your son:
    I listened a lot to Aerosmith, D.A.D., Counting Crows and Guns’n’Roses in my early twenties (well, I still do). And today my daughter is enjoying the same stuff, and frequently posts on Facebook via Spotify, and writes “Thank you, mom” with a list cotaining all that music she grew up with.

    I grew up with artists like Elvis, The Beatles and Rod Stewart, and although, I don’t listen to those artists all the time, they have a very fond spot in my heart.

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