Still sick

Snoopy - No shape to exercise

Still feeling sick, so I’m going to rest up and return to The Walking Dave on Monday.

I feel like I should’ve rested yesterday rather than gone out walking because when it came time to do the Author Hangout last night, I was sick, grouchy, and my back hurt (from my crappy bed), so I felt like an asshole in the Hangout as it went later than planned and Sean kept rambling, making the show longer.

Usually, I’m up for these things to go for two hours or more. But last night, I just wanted to go sit on the couch, so apologies to those who came and got less than my best.

And apologies to Sean for being a dick to you.

I appreciate everyone who showed up to the Hangout and hope to make the next one more fun.

Also, thanks to everyone who has commented or emailed me regarding The Walking Dave podcast, I appreciate all the nice thoughts.

I’ll be answering questions in the podcast (though I may answer some in the comments, too, if they seem more pressing).

I’ll probably get back to walking tomorrow, or Saturday, depending how much better I feel. I’m taking antibiotics, so I’m hopeful it will be soon.

It’ll also be good to be ahead on the podcasts by a day or two so I can update them at night and you’ll have a new podcast each morning, rather than waiting for me to post in the middle of the day.

OK, time to end this post so I can get back to writing Crash. Even though I’m not walking, I AM still working.

I need to give this draft to Sean on the 31. And before you think, Man, Sean’s such a jerk, expecting Dave to work sick, remember … I’ve been working on this story since last August and have missed countless deadlines.

It’s been a beast!

And in all honesty, I’ve been working on this story since I was 18, so, yeah, I need to just push it across the finish line and hope for the best.

The good news is that we’re NOT in a rush to publish the story. If it needs more time after Sean’s edits, and my next pass through, we’ll give it the proper time. But I’ll at least have finished the hardest part — getting the first draft done.

A quick note: tomorrow is the 100th episode of The Self Publishing Podcast, and we’ll be announcing what our Kickstarter is going to be at 2 PM EST, so be sure to catch that. I’ll post a link on Twitter, follow me @thedavidwwright and I’ll post it the minute the show goes live.

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