The Walking Dave Episode 4: April Fool’s, and comics

Hey there! After being sick for all of last week, I’m back to walking. Thanks to everyone’s well wishes.

First, I have to say that YES, yesterday’s post was an April Fool’s Day joke! The night before, I was talking with Carl Sinclair about doing something for April Fool’s Day. I pitched something, and Carl suggested the dancing thing, if I remember correctly, and I said YES! I must do that.

Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed me regarding the post.

On a Carl related note, he named me to his Geek of the Week list this week. Last time I was on a geek of the week list was in middle school, and it likely meant that I was about to get my ass kicked.

Without further ado, today’s podcast:

I talked a bit about the response to the April Fool’s Day joke and how touched I was by people.

I talked about finishing the first draft of Crash.

I talked a bit about wanting to do comics again, which led to discussion of the movie, Stripped.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow.

Remember: if you have a question, leave it in the comments or email me and I’ll do my best to answer it in a future podcast.

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As always, thank you for reading (and listening!)


12 thoughts on “The Walking Dave Episode 4: April Fool’s, and comics

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  1. (-_-) I. HATE. YOU. SO. MUCH. RIGHT. NOW. (Even though I knew deep down that you were kidding.) (Imagine my rage growing with each word). Okay, rage over…Yay! Congrats on finishing Crash(Crashed?). Do you have some samples of your early comic work?

  2. I’m glad this one ran longer. I like to listen to you talk while I do online stuff. I could listen to you go on and on and on for hours. Not that I’d remember anything you said, mind you. LOL 😛 Yes I joke! 😀 Wait, what did you say? Heh-heh.

    On a serious note: The chemical addiction of food is a super powerful thing, and should be taken a lot more serious than most do. It’s not simply being lazy or having no control. It is the body literally being addicted to the chemicals it has become used to in the foods it consumes. And it will put you through hell to make sure it keeps getting those chemicals, even though they are actually very harmful. The physical body does not care about such things. It wants what it wants. But that goes the same for when it becomes healthy. It will equally want only healthy things, once you reach that point, but it’s damn hard to get there.

    I’ve been a major health nut all my life, and am very controlled, but there have been a few times – thank you holiday season (you know which one you are!) – that I have gone down the Path of Delicious Bad Food a bit too long and a bit too far, and it was absolute hell getting back to my controled lean self. The first time I experienced this really opened my eyes to just how crazy powerful the body gets chemically-addicted to food. And it really made me sympathetic towards those who have known nothing else all their life and are now trying to kick it. It is a long battle you must fight tooth and nail to win. It is not a game. To lose is to die! *sad music plays in the background*

    Here, in the USA, the chemical addiction of food is especially taken too damn lightly. It’s all fun and games… until you kill over dead. It should be respected more – nay, feared!

    One really does need to make a life change, not simply go on a temporary diet to lose weight, then go right back to “My Precious” food! LOL

    My long-worded point is: Do not think that being addicted to food is a small matter just because millions and millions of people love food – live for food! – and treat the consumption of food like it’s a glorious event celebrating the God of Taste! It is and addiction equally as powerful as any other addiction. And it is just as deadly.

    Don’t let others belittle your War on Food. And don’t belittle it yourself.

    That you are now embarking upon (walking) the Path to a Healthier You is a wonderful thing that you are to be commended for. And tell others to commend you, too! 😉

    “I commend you, sir.” *stands to attention*

    My final parting words:
    “Respect the addiction! Fight the addiction!! Defeat the addiction!!!”

    !!! YOU ARE A WINNER !!!


    1. Thanks, Mgon! This comment makes me feel hopeful. I’ve never liked healthy good. Growing up, I never acquired the taste for such things, so it’s harder to try new things and not want to vomit. It would be AWESOME to find healthy stuff I liked enough to change my desire for crap.

      Thank you for sharing!

      1. Well I AM known for my motivational words. LOL. 😉 Seriously, dude. Just take it all one day at a time and don’t get ahead of yourself by thinking too much and stressing, which will result in not doing anything, ya know? Slow and steady wins the race 🙂 And don’t beat yourself up over the occasional backstep. Whatever you do, don’t give in to purging pressure 😛 Heh-heh.

  3. I don’t know how hard they’d be to find but there were 2 great BBC programmes in the Horizon series:
    The truth about fat
    The truth about exercise
    They take a scientific approach and are full of surprising ideas.

    Good luck with your efforts – in all things.

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