David W. Wright

Writer, cartoonist, one of the Kings of the Serial with co-author, Sean Platt. Together we've written the #1 horror and #1 sci-fi bestselling post-apocalyptic series, Yesterday's Gone, the sci-fi horror series, WhiteSpace, and the dark fantasy series, ForNevermore. Check out our stuff at http://collectiveinkwell.com


  1. Looking forward to the new “So You Think You Can Dave” podcast. Dream big and you’ll be the next Billy Dee Williams on Dancing with the Dave’s. I think you’ll look best in the tutu numbers. Get that head out your hands and make then **jazz hands**

  2. Man… I knew from our recent chats you were down about your writing.. but this.. I never expected this.

    Well the truth is, you have to follow your dreams man. I’ll support you all the way to the end man. You will make it. You’re too talented not too. I’m proud of you man.

    This almost made me cry!

  3. The heart wants what it wants. . . I have to say I was expecting something like this since your dancing video. It was so full of joy and raw enthusiasm. I’ve never seen you so happy. Good luck! We’ll be clapping for you . . . .when we aren’t shielding our eyes. 🙂

  4. beth morgan

    Am glad you will be doing things that make you happier (you should come visit us fans in london!) But is a sad day. Am off to throw my kindle out the window. Look after you. X

  5. Lauren (Loz)

    Ok, not entirely convinced this isn’t an April Fools but if it isn’t, do what you gotta do man. And if shakin your butt around a dance floor is what you want to do, then do it and do it well! 🙂

  6. Well, at last! I’m so pleased you’ve felt empowered to come out like this. I know it’s a hard thing to do, but you’ll being to feel better about your decision. To be honest – your writing was never that good anyway. But dancing? You have a real future, and I look forward to being able, vicariously, to share your joy in your new artistic direction.
    Dance, Dave!

  7. Jackson Cooper

    I was really waiting for the April fools at the end of the video. Could it be that the joke is that there is no joke? One just never knows what to believe on a day like today

  8. jacobtullos

    This was probably the most beautiful video I’ve every seen. Follow your dream, Dave. You should totally start up a kickstarter to fund dance classes and a full-production music video. I’d cough up some dough.

  9. Like everything else, you have to start at the beginning.
    Let me help you remember!
    Put your right foot in; put your right foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about.
    You do the hoochie koochie and you turn your self around.
    That’s what its all about!
    Put your left foot in……………………………………………..

    That should get your dream started!

  10. Good. I’m glad to hear you are leaving writing behind. You always presented too much competition for other writers out there. Now that you are gone, the less competent among us might have a chance to have their work read. Less competition is always good. Choice is never a good thing.

    And if the dancing career doesn’t work out for you, I know a few Target managers who would be happy to hire you as a cashier.

  11. Donna Dubert

    Ok, you totally had me until you said you were going to be a dancer. Damn! The Academy Award goes to…..David Wright.
    I love Snoopy behind you. And you are a cute guy.

  12. kathystevensaustin

    I hope Edward poops all over your ballet slippers for this. You know he’s been wanting to for awhile anyway since you never really had full faith in him. Just go ahead…dance…abandon us smack in the middle of our author-adoration phase (huffing and turning her back to you). On another note…LOVE the hair! (slung over her shoulder and she stomps off).

    • kathystevensaustin

      *as…freaking computer! (kinda took the oomph out of that stomping off but I’ll stomp extra and maybe throw something to make up for it).

  13. Brittany T

    Thank you for the video! I think it is such a courageous act to stand before the world and announce what you are passionate about and your commitment to pursuing those passions. I have love the contributions to literature you have made, and enjoyed seeing the older traditions of serial fiction come alive in your words. Writing involves sharing pieces of yourself with strangers and if your heart doesn’t wish to speak through words but through dance than the words that come forth would no longer be imbued with the life and soul they had previously. Best of luck to you on your journey into dance I’m sure many will be as excited to “see” your words as we have at reading them. 🙂

      • Britttany T.

        Only too late did I arrive at this conclusion lol. I had an inkling this might be a joke, but in some strange correlation of sorts I am in fact a writer who loves and dare I say adores dancing. If giving the opportunity, and body lol, I would have tried to make a professional go of it. So in all weirdness this particularly joke actually seemed plausible. Hahaha! Glad your still writing! A hui hou!!

  14. I find it interesting that so many comments on here posted after the current time. It’s now 12:56 EST. I’m sure you have a lot of readers in other countries, though.
    Nice April Fools joke! I saw your dancing. In my opinion, you write better than you dance….just my opinion.

  15. Stacy Claflin

    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. You have to follow your heart…or your feet, as the case may be. You know we’ll all support!

  16. This reminds me of the time, long ago, when my mom woke me up on April 1st by screaming, “Your bed’s on fire! Your bed’s on fire!” Yeah, good times. Well, all I can say is… You go, Dave! Follow your dreams – wherever they may lead your “dancin’ fool” feet!

  17. Dawn Maccione

    I think your lousy at lying! This has to be an April fools joke. I swear I remember you writing that you really didn’t enjoy that dance. This better be a joke….. it is a joke right?

  18. Catherine

    I do hope it’ an April Fools Joke…but if it wasn’t, I would be behind you 100%. Everyone should do what makes them happy.

    And yes, I was taken in by the joke until I started to read the comments, 🙂


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