The Walking Dave Episode 5: On Meditation and Loss of My Best Friend, Todd

Just got done walking and here’s today’s podcast.

Subjects included:

  • Doing covers for Crash
  • Brief mention of Ray Chase, the voice actor for Boricio.
  • Talking about why I love the show, The Americans, so much. (no spoilers)
  • Regret
  • Meditation
  • and I wrap things up discussing the anniversary of my best friend’s death.

Note: in the podcast, I said Todd died 16 years ago. It is, in fact, 18 years ago. Not sure why I said 16, unless I was thinking of the year, ’96. Or I suck at math.

As always, thank you for listening,


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19 thoughts on “The Walking Dave Episode 5: On Meditation and Loss of My Best Friend, Todd

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  1. Great podcast Dave. Thanks for sharing your story about Todd. I have my own ghosts with regrets from losses in my past. To hear that you talk about it in an open and healthy way is really great. We can all learn something from you here.

    P.s. More osprey attacks next time.

  2. Dave,
    Thanks for this – I hope it helped to talk it through. I know that when I do my walking podcast (which you inspired me to finally do) I find it very therapeutic. Somehow, getting the words out stops them from rattling around inside my head.

    Anniversaries of the loss of someone close are always tough because there’s just nothing we can do to change those relationships, no matter how much we want to. There is something we can do though, and that’s to try and live our lives in a way that honours those we have lost. You do that by dedicating your work to Todd.

    All sorts of things can be a meditation, e.g. playing a musical instrument, digging the garden, or carving a piece of wood. You don’t have to go all mystical.

    That’s enough seriousness.

    You know what they say about meditation – it’s better than sitting around doing nothing.

  3. That was a good, wise, and therapeutic session, Dave. Thank you 🙂

    Certainly we should all be grateful for what we have – ’cause things can always be worse.

    It is easier said than done to “embrace the moment and live in the now,” but it is no less true. All we have is NOW, so why are we wasting it? Damnit! 😀

    “Live like there’s no tomorrow!”

    “Dance like nobody’s watching!”
    But don’t record and post it on YouTube. Not naming names. LOL 😉

    1. Thanks, Mgon. Sometimes when I’m ranting about stupid things I think how horrible so many people have it and feel stupid. Though, for me, ranting is sort of my letting things go and looking for the humor in them.

      And no, I’m not dancing on youtube again!

  4. Great post Dave, really glad you’re doing this podcast. Keep it up please. I appreciates the subject matter today. Staying in the moment is a challenge for every human and meditation is something I’ve been thinking of trying again. It’s not easy. There’s a book called “8 MInute Meditation” that might be a helpful starting place without too much time commitment. Let us know how it goes.
    I too lost a very close friend about the same time you did and I know about regrets and what that’s like. You do honor to your friend by how you live now and he definitely doesn’t care about that long-ago argument anymore. His influence on you is lasting and multiplying. He believed in and inspired you and that has put you in a position to be an example and inspiration to others (in your great Dave way). It’s hard to write a sentence with “inspire” in it without sounding hokey but there it is. Your work and who you are today greatly helps those of us further back on the path. For that we thank you and thank your friend. Peace.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Dave! And the reminder of how precious life is. Thank you for making my weeks better with all of your podcasts! Can’t wait to read Crash!

    (Question: Curious how you record while you walk!)

    1. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say or not but what’s going Dave going to do… throw me in his basement?

      I have read Crash. I can promise you that it is a fantastic book, yes the story is dark but like Dave said. It is also a story of hope. I think people are going to love it.

  6. The thing about death is that in a good many instances you don’t get to say goodbye. For Todd to bring up the things he did during his last visit, I am sure he considered you a great friend and knew that you still cared regardless of what was said. After all, good friends are supposed to give you a swift kick to the butt when you need it, and tell you the things that you don’t want to hear. He would probably feel honored that you are still thinking of him after all these years…

  7. Just caught up on all the Walking Dave pods, very awesome dude, on all fronts. So cool that you’re walking now. When I was 16 and lost a bunch of weight, part of it was by running around my neighborhood. At one stretch of road, there was this fucking Mockingbird that would attack me. Like clockwork, every goddamn morning, both coming and going, that little bastard would dive-bomb my head and treat me like a little bitch.

    Obviously Mockingbirds are small so I thought it was kinda funny, but uh… aren’t Ospreys pretty big? Good luck on that.

    And real sorry to hear about Todd. Very engrossing story (I listen while I work, and that story forced me to put everything down in order to focus). I think all people have emotional scarring gathered while traversing this life. But that sounds like one really big scar. Sucks that happened to you, dude. Condolences.

    Parting thought – kinda funny, I’m sure this has been mentioned already but that is one velvety-smooth voice you’re rocking on these walks. Feels like I’m listening to some Sunday NPR program on fine wines.

    1. Thanks, Dan.

      Ospreys are pretty big, yeah. I’d be scared if it came after me.

      Thanks for the nice words on Todd.

      And on the velvety smooth voice, here I thought I sounded like an out of breath fat ass. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story about your friend Todd with us. I also appreciate you starting this podcast given that I’m also starting to write again and walk again. I’m also a diabetic and am so proud of you for kicking your ass in gear. Do it now, before you get the long term complications that mount up as age creeps into the picture. I have a couple of complications, but like you mentioned, I can still walk, so you’re kicking me to get back to what I need to do too.

  9. Hey Dave, just found your Walking Dave podcast and I’m hooked. Of course, I’m already hooked on BOU and SPP and, of course, I love when Dave has something up his butt, but this is a completely different side of you! I love the thoughtfulness and sincerity you bring. I feel like we are seeing a side of you that only the privileged few ever witness. Please keep it up! I’ve not caught up completely so forgive me if this has been answered in a subsequent podcast, but how is the meditation going? Thanks for all you do!

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