Here’s another (more random) comic series I’m going to do, Versus. Pretty self-explanatory. These are things I’ve been doodling for years. I’ve always wanted to draw something super simple like The Oatmeal or Allie Brosh does, or even the hilariously awesome Boxjam’s Doodle back in the day. I’ve always been a bit envious of funny artists who draw […]

Taking Up Space Comic

A long time ago I used to draw two comic strips. The more popular of the two was Todd and Penguin, a family-friendly all-ages comic that I did for eight years. Then there was Taking Up Space, a comic I did off and on — way more off than on. Taking Up Space had a lot fewer readers, […]

Wow. That’s the word that I found myself saying time after time as I watched Sense8, Netflix’s 12-episode series by the Wachowski siblings (The Matrix movies) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5). Wow, I’ve never seen this before. Wow, how did they pull that off? Wow, what GREAT writing! Wow, what great characters! Wow. Just. […]

I’ve always felt like an outsider.

When I was a kid, I was one of the only white kids in my neighborhood. When I was in middle school, we’d moved to the suburbs, where I was one of the poorest kids. After that, I gained weight and had horrible acne, which earned me all kinds of unpleasant nicknames.

So, hey, how’s it going? Typically when people return from long absences from their blogs, they go into a litany of reasons/excuses of why they were gone, then say how they promise they’ll do better to post more frequently, and it just sounds like a friend/lover begging for forgiveness for being a jerk. (And hey, who hasn’t […]

Hi! This post was supposed to run on Monday, but I wound up holding onto it for a day or so to see if I still wanted to post it. Why would I hold it? Well, it’s kind of negative. I know, big surprise. But I try to keep these podcasts positive, because despite my now […]

I taped this episode last week, but wound up using it for today because it was raining all day and night yesterday. In this episode, I talk about an industry in its death throes as artists attempt to cobble a living together. No, I’m not talking about traditional publishing (though I very well could be), […]

Hey there. Dave here with a few notes. First — from now on, I’ll be posting updates on M,W,F. Next, we’re finally up on iTunes! Go check it out. And feel free to leave a review if you’re getting any enjoyment out of this podcast. Back with an update in which I talk about […]

The Walking Dave Podcast

Hey, there. Dave here with an episode I did last Wednesday, which I was supposed to upload on Friday, but totally dropped the ball on. In this episode, I answer a reader question on whether I’d write politics into our books. I also talked about concern for Kindle Serials. In the next episode, I’ll talk […]

The Walking Dave Podcast

Hey, all. I’m back. Sorry for the delay. I explain why in this episode. I meant to post this on Monday, but my schedule got slammed and I dropped the ball. On the plus side, I’ve already got tomorrow’s episode recorded and ready to go! In this episode I talk about being addicted to food, and […]