Split movie

Let’s first address the elephant in the room: is M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, Split, any good? Yes. Yes! And hell yes! The other question you might have is: is there a twist? No. There’s some cool surprises, but not the kind of killer twist audiences came to expect in Shyamalan’s breakout movies. After his […]

[photo credit Nate Grigg via Flickr Creative Commons] I’ve always had a weird relationship with Thank You. I say it all the time when someone gives me something or does something for me. I say it to cashiers and servers, and pretty much anyone who has to deal with customers all day long. And I say it […]

So, here we go again, wading into political waters. I’m bound and determined to alienate all of my readers one blog post at a time. If you didn’t read my prior post, Why Trump Won, you may want to do that before venturing further. I feel that my last post helped (maybe a tiny bit) […]

[NOTE: This is a post about politics. And it’s super freaking long. I wrote this the night Trump won, and sat on it for a bit, not sure if I should post it or not. If you don’t like reading about politics, or are just sick of the election in general, feel free to skip […]

[All images copyright Gene Page/AMC] So, tonight we got an update on Daryl in an episode titled The Cell, which continued the pace of last week’s stellar episode with another slow-build narrow focused story. Tonight’s focus was on Daryl, following his capture by Negan, who is being held in a … (wait for it) cell in […]

[Photos copyright Gene Page AMC] [This post contains spoilers for Season 7 Episode 2 The Walking Dead: The Well] Well, this was a much-needed episode to follow last week’s brutal (and ultimately unsatisfying) season premiere. Why was this episode so good? First of all, three words: KING FREAKING EZEKIEL! But not just this awesome new […]

(Image copyright: AMC) [SPOILERS FOR LAST NIGHT’S THE WALKING DEAD] So, The Walking Dead returned last night with its much-anticipated season premiere which promised to answer the question: Who did Negan kill? As you surely recall, Season Six ended with a cliffhanger that (to put things lightly) didn’t go over well with fans. The show spent all […]

(Non-spoiler review) It’s not often that a horror movie surprises me. It’s even rarer for a January horror movie to be good. And even rarer, a horror movie with a doll that I find even remotely tolerable. And yet, here is it — The Boy. I have to admit when I saw the first trailer […]

A Russian man claimed that Fallout 4 is “too addictive” and thus destroyed his job and marriage, AND the game should come with a warning label. He is suing Bethesda and a Russian company for his “emotional distress.” According to the article: He regularly skipped work, which resulted in his employers firing him. He stopped meeting […]

Here’s another (more random) comic series I’m going to do, Versus. Pretty self-explanatory. These are things I’ve been doodling for years. I’ve always wanted to draw something super simple like The Oatmeal or Allie Brosh does, or even the hilariously awesome Boxjam’s Doodle back in the day. I’ve always been a bit envious of funny artists who draw […]