A Note On Pricing

Recently, a reader wrote a comment about our pricing which I need to address: "I am very disapointed that future individual episodes will be $2.99 each as opposed to $0.99. I can see paying $6.00 for the book via kindle, but $18.00 is WAY TOO MUCH for the six episode packages. Even Stephen King doesn't... Continue Reading →

Day 5 Without Sugar (sorta)

So, I'm on day five of my month-long no-sugar diet, and on Superbowl Sunday, no less. A day normally devoted to excess in which I'd indulge in pizza, chips, and maybe top it all off with ice cream.How did I do?Today's SuperBowl Sunday was brought to you by Turkey Burgers and a banana.I've done well... Continue Reading →

Serialized Fiction: Our New Experiment

I've always loved serialized fiction. From TV shows like Cliffhangers to comic books, to the Star Wars movies (the ones in the 70s and 80s), to Stephen King's brilliant series, The Green Mile, if you leave me hanging, I'll love you all the more! Hell, I even liked soap operas, and used to write serialized... Continue Reading →

Welcome To David Uncensored

When it comes to blogging, we often present one side of ourselves. Our best version aimed at particular niche. Here, I'm looking to change that. Hi, my name is David W. Wright. I’m the co-author of the serialized cliffhanger series Yesterday’s Gone and a new breed of vampire thriller Available Darkness. For the past few... Continue Reading →

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