Movie Review: Ravenous (on Netflix)

Ravenous is one of one of those rarest of rare Netflix gems — a good zombie movie. Yet the things that make it stand out are also the things that show how far it falls short of greatness. This French Canadian film that won “Best Canadian Film” at the Toronto International Film Festival starts off... Continue Reading →

What The Walking Dead Got RIGHT

[Photos copyright Gene Page AMC] [This post contains spoilers for Season 7 Episode 2 The Walking Dead: The Well] Well, this was a much-needed episode to follow last week's brutal (and ultimately unsatisfying) season premiere. Why was this episode so good? First of all, three words: KING FREAKING EZEKIEL! But not just this awesome new... Continue Reading →

When Trailers Go Too Far

I love trailers! Whether they be movie, TV, or video game trailers, I love watching them... except when they go too far. A good trailer teases you, gets you excited for the upcoming movie, show, or game, and creates a sense of curiosity, anticipation, and gets in your head. In my next post, I'm going... Continue Reading →

Awake: Watch This Show

Stop what you're doing, cancel your plans tonight, and tune into NBC for the premiere of a new show called "Awake." I saw a sneak preview of the first episode on NBC on Demand, and loved it! I could go on telling you how awesome it is, but why not show you the video that... Continue Reading →

Dexter: A love gone sour?

(note: There's no spoilers in this post, to make it safe for people who are not yet caught up on this season's Dexter.) I used to love you, Dexter. You were the date I couldn't wait for each week. I'd look forward to the ways you'd thrill me, surprise me, and leave me hanging, and... Continue Reading →

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