So, here we go again, wading into political waters. I’m bound and determined to alienate all of my readers one blog post at a time. If you didn’t read my prior post, Why Trump Won, you may want to do that before venturing further. I feel that my last post helped (maybe a tiny bit) […]

[NOTE: This is a post about politics. And it’s super freaking long. I wrote this the night Trump won, and sat on it for a bit, not sure if I should post it or not. If you don’t like reading about politics, or are just sick of the election in general, feel free to skip […]

(Image copyright: AMC) [SPOILERS FOR LAST NIGHT’S THE WALKING DEAD] So, The Walking Dead returned last night with its much-anticipated season premiere which promised to answer the question: Who did Negan kill? As you surely recall, Season Six ended with a cliffhanger that (to put things lightly) didn’t go over well with fans. The show spent all […]

A Russian man claimed that Fallout 4 is “too addictive” and thus destroyed his job and marriage, AND the game should come with a warning label. He is suing Bethesda and a Russian company for his “emotional distress.” According to the article: He regularly skipped work, which resulted in his employers firing him. He stopped meeting […]

Hi! This post was supposed to run on Monday, but I wound up holding onto it for a day or so to see if I still wanted to post it. Why would I hold it? Well, it’s kind of negative. I know, big surprise. But I try to keep these podcasts positive, because despite my now […]

Before I start this post, first let me say, I like cats … at least in the abstract. They’re cute, they don’t lick you all the time with their stupid germs like certain canines (and don’t even send me a letter about dogs or cats having clean tongues — they lick their butts, how clean […]

I love trailers! Whether they be movie, TV, or video game trailers, I love watching them… except when they go too far. A good trailer teases you, gets you excited for the upcoming movie, show, or game, and creates a sense of curiosity, anticipation, and gets in your head. In my next post, I’m going […]

bagel with way too much butter

So, I’ve been wondering what to do with this blog space for a while, and I’ve made up my mind. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to segregate all of my different interests across several websites and blogs. At one point or another I’ve had: a humorous daddy blog a comics blog where […]

I suppose I should mention right up front that I’ve got OCD and am quite germ-phobic. So, maybe I’m a bit hypersensitive to such things, but I can’t help but notice a trend at the grocery store I go to. It seems that the cashiers enjoy spreading germs all over everything I buy. OK, maybe […]

(note: There’s no spoilers in this post, to make it safe for people who are not yet caught up on this season’s Dexter.) I used to love you, Dexter. You were the date I couldn’t wait for each week. I’d look forward to the ways you’d thrill me, surprise me, and leave me hanging, and […]