[photo credit Nate Grigg via Flickr Creative Commons] I’ve always had a weird relationship with Thank You. I say it all the time when someone gives me something or does something for me. I say it¬†to¬†cashiers and servers, and pretty much anyone who has to deal with customers all day long. And I say it […]

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

(Note: even if you’re not a gamer, I think you’ll enjoy this post) I’ve played a few great games this year. From Dishonored to Far Cry 3 to Tomb Raider to GTA V, this has been a great year to be a gamer. But none of those games stacks up to my most recent purchase: […]

Tonight we took the training wheels off my son’s bike, and I couldn’t be more nervous. My wife, in attempts to encourage him to learn to ride without the training wheels, told him he could ride faster without training wheels. For my son, who LOVES to run as fast as humanly possible, it was like […]

OK, this is ridiculous. I thought it wouldn’t be until my son was in high school that he’d have homework that stumped me. Turns out his kindergarten assignment was all it took. Yes, I was confused by work assigned to a kindergartener. I’m going to post a copy of it below. I’m curious how YOU […]

I’m not sure how long you’ve been following me, but before I was writing books to scare the crap out of you, I was a cartoonist. Cartooning actually led me back into writing, which is a kind of a cool story. I started a comic strip back in 1999 or 2000, back in the early […]