State of the Dave August 2017

Do you ever find yourself up late at night thinking about creative shit you want to do if only you had more time in the day?

That’s me pretty much every night.

Like most creatives, I’ve got more ideas than time to execute them all.

  • I want to write a ton more books and series than I’ve got time for
  • I want to draw comics
  • I want to write and illustrate children’s books
  • I want to write a few humorous books
  • I want to create websites devoted to wacky ranty ideas I’ve got. I used to do this back in the day, actually. I’d spend weeks on a website parody only to never update it again because I moved on to other stuff.
  • I want to write some music
  • But first I need to learn how to actually play my guitar and keyboard
  • I want to actually be a good photographer
  • I want to get better at different types of illustration
  • I want to create art and sell it (either prints or other stuff)

And that’s just a partial list! I crossed through the ones I’m less serious about.

And then there’s this blog.


There’s a lot I want to do with this blog, and I’ve always been torn over direction.

Should I use it to keep a journal of stuff I’m working on? Do people even want to read [heavily redacted] details of my day-to-day?

And then there’s the other stuff I want to do here:ย regular comics or drawings; thoughtful or humorous columns, rants; and reviews of games, books, or TV shows I’m digging.

And I sit and think about all the stuff I want to do on here and can’t make up my mind which would be best. This usually happens about an hour after I’ve gone to bed, too.

So I don’t do anything!

And then months go by. And suddenly a year has gone by and I’m getting my renewal bill from WordPress and thinking, Shit, I wasted $100 to write four posts last year?

So here we are again.

I’m about to renew my blog hosting, and I’m deciding this year I’ll use it more frequently.

Why? Because I like having this blog. Not just as a way to share what’s on my mind, but also as a record for things I’ve done. Something I can look back on years down the road. Something my son may want to read some day. Shit, I better clean up the language.



So, I think the only way to really blog regularly that is not to strive for a schedule.

With past blogs, I aimed for structure and strict schedule.

For instance, I might have done a review on Monday, written a humorous or thoughtful something or other on Wednesday, and drawn a comic on Friday.

But I suck at schedules, just ask my writing partner, Sean Platt. And scheduling feels like boxing myself into a set thing.

So, for now, anyway, I’m just going to post whatever I want to here — within reason.


Sorry, people with a penchant for fat, grumpy writers.

Some days it’ll be a rant, others it’ll be a movie, TV, book, or game review. And other days it’ll be a comic or some drawing I did. And other days, you’ll get a journal like this, a State of the Dave (unless I think of a better name to call these.)

In other words, this blog will be as much a surprise to you as it will be to me. But it’ll always be about something I like. Except when it’s about something I hate.

Now I don’t expect many responses, as I’ve neglected you, dear reader, for so long, but if you ARE reading, and want to answer the question below, I’d love your input. Or, if you don’t want to comment here, you can email me using the form at the bottom of the page (which comes right to me).



  1. Stephen English

    I would like to hear about the Genesis of some of your story ideas. How did Yesterday’s Gone or White Space or Karma Police begin, for instance? What was the storytelling kernel that grew into your serials or books? The SPP episodes about brainstorming have been really interesting and a rehashing of some of the greatest hits could be fun.

  2. jimheskett

    I would like to see a weekly video series of you making excuses for why you haven’t updated the walking dave for that week. It could be just clips of you shrugging, posted every Thursday.

  3. Ace

    I would love to see more comics! I originally came across you thanks to the daily grind and have been a fan of your comics ever since.

  4. Anthony Verdier

    Comics would be great. In fact anything would be great since we have more Dave ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And do I read correct on the right that Crash had been optioned? That’s very good news! Congrats on that!

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