New Comic – Versus: Donut Holes


Here’s another (more random) comic series I’m going to do, Versus. Pretty self-explanatory.

These are things I’ve been doodling for years. I’ve always wanted to draw something super simple like The Oatmeal or Allie Brosh does, or even the hilariously awesome Boxjam’s Doodle back in the day. I’ve always been a bit envious of funny artists who draw something relatively easy (QUICK) to draw, and people love their stuff even if its very simple looking.

Even back in the day when my drawing was utter crap, it still took me FOREVER to draw that crap! And I don’t want to attempt to draw in the style of one of the artists above. I want to draw in my style, but something that doesn’t take me three to four freaking hours! Did I mention that I’m a slow drawer? Well, drawing, coloring, all of that.

Anyway, these guys are super simple to draw, and I think they’re kinda cute. I’ve got several variations on the design, so maybe I can use them more often for comics which don’t already have people or animals in them.

Thank you for your comments, email, and social media shares on my comic last week! I appreciate you taking the time to welcome this side of me back, and to help spread the word.

In other news, I’ve got a new Walking Dave coming VERY soon!

It will be hosted somewhere else, so you’ll need to subscribe to a different feed if you were subbed. You can also find a link to it here, of course. I’ll update you very soon on this.

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