First Taking Up Space comic in years


A long time ago I used to draw two comic strips. The more popular of the two was Todd and Penguin, a family-friendly all-ages comic that I did for eight years. Then there was Taking Up Space, a comic I did off and on — way more off than on. Taking Up Space had a lot fewer readers, but it was closer to my darker sense of humor, and people who know me liked it a lot more.

For the past few years, I’ve been wanting to return to both comics, as well as some other ideas I have from time to time. But since I can’t commit to it regularly (like three to five days a week), I haven’t bothered.

But it sucks to have all these ideas and no outlet.

So I’ve decided to post comics here whenever I do them. Sometimes they’ll be Taking Up Space, sometimes they’ll be Todd and Penguin. And other times they’ll be a one-off or some other thing.


This is the first Taking Up Space I’ve drawn since 2006, I believe. The cast includes several animals and a handful of kids who live in an apartment complex.

Today’s comic features two of my favorites, the extreme blowhard, Limbo the pig, and the extremely naive and sweet Alexander the rabbit.

I’ve made a couple of minor changes in how I draw them. Limbo used to have small beady eyes. I think he looks a lot better/funnier with big eyes, though.

Alexander was a bit taller, and had a circular nose in his first incarnation. Now he’s a bit shorter with a more triangular nose. Also, his ears are more pointed, whereas they used to be more squared along the bottom.

And while the comic does touch on politics from time to time, it’s usually more about the characters and how they get along, or don’t.

I hope you enjoy my first dip back into my comics in nearly a decade. Leave a comment, or email me, and let me know what you think.

See you next time!


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  1. I have always loved your comics (stumbled across todd and penguin way back in the daily grind days). Looking forward to seeing more! 🙂

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