The Walking Dave 10: Taking a Lesson From Stephan Pastis on Selling Your Art and Yourself

I taped this episode last week, but wound up using it for today because it was raining all day and night yesterday.

In this episode, I talk about an industry in its death throes as artists attempt to cobble a living together.

No, I’m not talking about traditional publishing (though I very well could be), I’m talking about newspapers, and comic artists. As someone who did comics for 10 years, I was both moved and depressed by watching the documentary Stripped.

I urge you to watch it whether you like comics or not because of some of the wisdom imparted by Pearls Before Swine artist Stephan Pastis (who I inadvertently called Stephen with an “e” in this podcast — whoops!), and what he had to say about making it as a creator today.

And his advice isn’t just for comic artists. It’s for anyone making a living selling themselves and their art.

I also talked about how the Penny Arcade guys turned the corner when they met their business partner.

This is a pretty art and marketing-centric episode today, but I think you’ll find some value in it.

In other news:

I still owe you a post about my favorite writer and homophobia. I want it to be awesome, though, so I’m holding it until tomorrow (Thursday).

Lastly, Amazon has the first two seasons of our zombie trilogy, Z 2134 and Z 2135, on sale today only for $1.99 as part of a Kindle Daily Deal. So if you haven’t gotten those yet, now’s a good time to do it while saving a few dollars. While you’re at it, if you’re in the US, you can pick up the end of the trilogy, Z 2136 (which will be available worldwide in 3 more weeks).

Lastly, at the end of this podcast I say I’ll be back on Monday. That’s because it was last week’s podcast I was originally recording for Friday. There will be a new episode this Friday, though.

And lastly (again) there’s a few minutes of dead air at the end of this one, so don’t wait around for an appearance by Nick Fury or something. When I say goodbye, you can turn off the audio. Or meditate. Whatever floats your boat.

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