The Walking Dave 9: Play and the Short Story Terms of Service

Hey there. Dave here with a few notes. First — from now on, I’ll be posting updates on M,W,F.

Next, we’re finally up on iTunes! Go check it out. And feel free to leave a review if you’re getting any enjoyment out of this podcast.

Back with an update in which I talk about my new favorite exercise — playing.

I also talked about a short story I’m writing, Terms of Service, which we’ll be giving out free to Goners on our list this week.

I also mentioned Buddy Gott’s new walking podcast.

Buddy’s Walking Show.

Though I didn’t mention them in the podcast, here’s a few other readers who have been inspired by me, or by me and other writers, to do a walking podcast. Thanks, guys. Glad to see more people joining the walking podcast movement!

Michael La Ronn’s podcast

The Walking Rob

The Walking Dave Episode 9 — Playing

Listen below

Or right click and save:


See you tomorrow with a non-podcast post where I talk about homophobia and my favorite writer.

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