The Walking Dave Episode 6: Jason Gurley Covers, Crash, and Listener Question on Comics Versus Books

It’s Monday and I’m back on the road, walking and talking.

Topics today:

Non-spoiler mention of the Game of Thrones premiere.

Editing Crash and Threshold.

Jason Gurley’s awesome cover work and whether we should commission him to do Yesterday’s Gone covers.

Then I answered a listener email from Laura who asked which I enjoy more making comic strips or writing books, and why?

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14 thoughts on “The Walking Dave Episode 6: Jason Gurley Covers, Crash, and Listener Question on Comics Versus Books

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  1. Enjoyable as always, Dave. As you know, I’m a big fan of Jason’s covers. Personally, I like your Yesterdays Gone covers and think they’re quite iconic. Have you thought about using him for new releases, or is this strictly about updating the specific series?

    1. Thanks, Darren. I’m sure we’d use him for anything which I didn’t already have an idea in mind for. But seems he’s taking a break from design clients at the moment, so we’ll probably just leave it be for now.

  2. Thanks for not spoiling Game of Thrones. I haven’t watched yet but I so love the show and am really looking forward to it. I need to figure out how I can do my walking & listen to you at the same time. It would be like walking together.

  3. Lovely indeed 😉
    Oh and Jason Gurley’s covers are fucking amazing. No idea if it would help move more copies of Yesterday’s Gone since it already sells really well, but who knows? Perhaps it’s a question worth asking readers on the CI blog…

  4. Here is a thought on whether or not to update the covers for Yesterday’s Gone… What about waiting until you are releasing the final season [I think that you all had said that would be season 6]? Then maybe re-do the cover [or all 6 covers] and package as a complete collectors set on Amazon? If doing all 6 covers, the covers could be included when starting each new ‘season’ within the set? Just a thought – not sure if this would actually pay off in sales…

  5. Just found your podcast because of a passing comment by Johnny on today’s SOPA.

    Curious – Why not just do a once a week comic to build the readership? If you get enough interest, fund it through patrion and go daily.

    Love the podcast. It’s great hearing you with complete thoughts, rather than having to contend with that big bowl of A.D.D. that is the Self Publishing Podcast.

    1. Thanks, Gary.

      In my previous life as a comic artist, I found the happy spot to be 3 comics per week. Anything more requires a lot more time from me, and anything less it’s hard to build a readership. We’ll see how it goes. I’m getting ready, practicing with the Wacom and getting some roughs drawn. Thank you for the kind words!

      1. I was just going to ask the same question. I’d go for once a week. That can work, others do it. Then publish them all in a physical copy once a year (or whatever feels right). Buy a bunch for signing and selling yourself, perhaps with a tiny drawing and dedication to the buyer inside. It could be really great 🙂

        Check out Tom Bancroft on Patreon for an example of how it can be done:

        Dani Jones printed a limited run of her “My sister the Freak” (her webcomic) and sold them herself, signed and if you pre-ordered you got a separate drawing too. I bought one of those, and for me, that’s a collector-edition-sort-of-thing. I have a comic that isn’t available anymore, and more than that, I have a cool original piece of artwork from Dani Jones (

        Anyway – I think you should consider the comic thing again – it should be possible to do both 🙂

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