The Walking Dave Podcast 1

The Walking Dave Podcast

So, a few weeks ago on The Self Publishing Roundtable, we were interviewing author Nathan Lowell and one of the things that came up was the podcast he does when he goes walking each day. And I thought, wow, that is the best idea ever!

So, naturally, I stole it.

You see, I’ve been NEEDING to start a regular exercise habit for years. I’m 337 pounds, and not getting any lighter sitting at a desk 12 hours a day writing.

I used to love walking, but fell out of the habit several years ago.

And whenever I think I’ll get to it again, I never quite find the time.

So I thought, well, there’s two things that I DO make time for without fail — writing and my weekly podcast commitments (Self-Publishing Podcast and Better Off Undead.) So why not marry my need to exercise with a daily podcast that I do while out walking?

I’ve now been walking for two weeks. I did some test shows of varying bits of quality, and am going to go ahead and start by posting the below podcast I did last week as my official FIRST The Walking Dave podcast!

I’m hoping you like it enough that I continue to find an excuse to walk every weekday. But a big part of whether I continue to do the podcast is how you respond.

Let me know what you think, and — more importantly — let me know what you’d like me talk about. Got questions? Ask them here or shoot me an email and I’ll answer them in the podcast.

I’ll post another episode tomorrow, and meanwhile work on getting these up to iTunes.

thewalkingdave320P.S. This is also the first thing I’ve drawn on my Cintiq 13HD that I got more than a year ago!

I’m hella rusty. This took way too long. But, it’s a start in the right direction.

So, in addition to making time for walking, my other plan this year is to make time for my art. I miss drawing comics, and would love to make something that my 6-year old son can enjoy.

Thank you for reading (and listening),



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The Walking Dave Episode 1

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