So, yeah, I’m going to do this thing

So, it’s that time of year again where people look at all the shit they’re doing, beat up on themselves, and proudly declare, “THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!”

I’ve never been a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, because let’s face it, I’m used to lying to myself. What’s one more broken promise to lose weight?

And then there’s the whole belief I have:


…not for the better, anyway.

Yes, there are exceptions. But I think if you look at most people, they DO NOT change much over time.

The assholes you knew in high school? Most of them are still assholes.

Those friends who party so recklessly they make Ron Wood look like a pussy? Yeah, they’re still at it, liver or lungs be damned.

And that fat guy who swore he’d swear off sugary crap, and exercise every day because THIS TIME IT’S DIFFERENT?

Yeah, I’m still right here, fatter than ever.

Well, not fatter than ever. At one point I did weigh nearly 400 pounds, thanks to a steady diet of Coke and Pepsi for the better part of a decade.

Now I’m down to a svelte 332.

Which, if I’m not mistaken, is about the same weight I was last year I said I’d go on a diet.

And for those of you looking to email me saying “Don’t use the word diet, it’s a lifestyle change” please don’t. I’m just using the vernacular that most people associate with losing weight and getting in shape.

So as the new year approached, author and guy with way too much enthusiasm, Jay Chastain decided to challenge me to “Lose it All!”


He even made a video. (NSFW as he curses a lot)

So I said yeah, sure, what the hell?

Can you tell I’m super excited and motivated?

I WANT to be enthusiastic and all “Rah-rah” but I know me. And enthusiasm has always led to exhaustion and giving up.

So, how will this time be different?

I honestly don’t know.

But I’m going to join. Perhaps having Jay (and now fellow author and SPRT co-host, Trish McCallan) doing this with me, might motivate me a bit more than doing it on my own.

I’ll be posting updates here rather than my old diet blog. While the old diet blog was nice to have, it was also easier to ignore because it wasn’t on my main site. Using my main site means being more accountable. If I fail here, I fail in front of a lot more people.

We’re still working out details on the LOSE IT ALL CHALLENGE, so I’ll update you when I know more, like what the reward or punishment will be, etc…

For those of you who don’t come here for weight loss stuff, don’t worry, the updates will be once a week or so, max. And I’ll try and make the posts fun for you.

The rest of the time I’ll be blogging about other stuff … which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s blog post.

As always, thank you for reading and Happy New Year!