In Which I Try to do Kindergarten Homework

OK, this is ridiculous.

I thought it wouldn’t be until my son was in high school that he’d have homework that stumped me. Turns out his kindergarten assignment was all it took.

Yes, I was confused by work assigned to a kindergartener.

I’m going to post a copy of it below. I’m curious how YOU interpret the instructions, because I was stumped.

By the way, I’m going to feel VERY stupid if everyone immediately gets this!

My wife, who was out to dinner with friends, finally came home and helped us both.

I’ll update this with the solution tomorrow or Saturday. That is assuming everyone BUT ME doesn’t get it.

Make sure you click on the image to see the page full size and then read the directions at the bottom.

And then leave a comment and tell me how you would answer question 1. Or specifically what you would do.

AND DO NOT REPEAT the directions verbatim. That won’t count! 🙂



Since there was some debate in the comments, and I feel a bit relieved that you all at least understood my confusion, here’s how it’s supposed to be done.
homework-done copy

I have been told that the above is CORRECT.

For the record, THIS is how I would have interpreted it:

I would have circled the second set, because that is where the pattern TRULY repeats. And the last part, “Circle the group of tiles to show the part that repeats” seemed an odd choice of words. The “part that repeats?” Well, there’s a few ways to take that. Is a part made up of the three people, which are called a pattern the first time? And if it IS three people, would you not circle it each time it repeats? The directions seem like they were written by the people who write the directions to the toys I have to assemble on Christmas morning.

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