Awake: Watch This Show

Stop what you’re doing, cancel your plans tonight, and tune into NBC for the premiere of a new show called “Awake.”

I saw a sneak preview of the first episode on NBC on Demand, and loved it! I could go on telling you how awesome it is, but why not show you the video that made up my mind before I saw the show. Check it out below & then check it out tonight on NBC at 10 p.m.

This is exactly the kind of awesome show that networks rarely give a decent chance to find an audience, so I’m hoping enough people tune in to keep the series running.

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David W. Wright

Writer, cartoonist, one of the Kings of the Serial with co-author, Sean Platt. Together we've written the #1 horror and #1 sci-fi bestselling post-apocalyptic series, Yesterday's Gone, the sci-fi horror series, WhiteSpace, and the dark fantasy series, ForNevermore. Check out our stuff at


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