ForNevermore: The Paranormal Serial Begins

ForNevermore is available now at Amazon! I’ll tell you about the book, but first, a thank you from Sean and I to you.

Thank you to everyone who helped us choose the ForNevermore cover. I appreciate your help. We were THISCLOSE to choosing Number 4, (one of the red covers) but you spoke here, on Twitter, and via email, and changed our minds. So the “ocean cover” wins!

Thank you also for helping us prove that serialized fiction can work, by making Yesterday’s Gone such a success! Your emails, reviews, and links on Twitter and Facebook made all the difference in the world.

Now we’re thrilled to launch our next series, ForNevermore.

Here’s our first ForNevermore video trailer (click here to see it on Youtube). And beneath that, the back-of-the-page copy.

ForNevermore: The paranormal serial thriller

All 17 year old Noella Snow ever wanted was a normal life.

But normal died with her mother, minutes after she was born. And again when her father was murdered before her eyes on her seventh birthday. It was as though true love could never touch her.

Now Noella lives with her aunt in Aurora Falls, a sleepy town in upstate New York where she spends school days hiding from the people who torment her, and weekends working at a coffee shop in quiet misery, harboring a secret crush on her best friend, Sam.

Noella’s only happiness comes when she closes her eyes and visits her dream world, a place where her father still lives, and she’s in love with a mysterious man named Dante, a stranger with a pure heart and death in his fingers.

Noella never imagined the dream world was real, buried within our own. Until her dreams, and nightmares, started spilling into her waking life, alongside a series of grisly murders.

Just when she thinks she’s losing her mind, Dante appears with a dire warning: Noella is not who, or what, she believes. Nothing is what it seems, and she is in mortal danger.

Dante has been searching for Noella for all his lives.

He has loved her nearly as long.

But if he touches her, she will die.

Death isn’t done with Noella. Dreams crash into reality in a paranormal dark fantasy of love, fate, horror, and secrets which threaten to unravel Noella, and everything around her.

Can they survive the evil that haunts them or are they doomed to be ForNevermore?

NOTE: Contains mild language and violence (probably a lot less than what you’d find in a PG-13 movie.) Appropriate for Young Adult Readers

Get Episode 1 now at Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “ForNevermore: The Paranormal Serial Begins

Add yours

  1. Dear Mr. Wright,
    As an avid fan of post-apocalyptic novels I am rather surprised and a little upset that your worthy offering is not in paperback form- I am so desperate to read your Yesterday’s Gone serials/episodes/books!!!!, however as I teach all day and am usually brain dead by the time I get home and have to study too, having your book means that I can read it in my breaks and albeit old-fashioned; there is nothing better than hearing the pages turn, smelling the paper and picking up a well-worn dog-eared copy of ones favourite book. I do not have a Kindle nor want one and find reading on a computer immensely tiring for my over-worked, astigmatic and myopic eyes and quite frankly uncomfortable. Please Please Please publish this as a paperback.
    Thanking Thee Michelle from Cardiff UK

    Please could you email me just incase there is a chance I could be sent the drafts!!!hahahahhaahah

    1. Thanks for the comment, Michelle. I’m with you on print books. I love them and have thousands!

      But once I got a Kindle, I fell in love with the device. It’s actually easier on my eyes than print books since I can change the size of the letters and brightness, etc… I’d urge you to give the Kindle a chance if you’ve not yet tried it. Now I buy everything almost exclusively on the Kindle (save for art and reference books which just don’t translate as well to the eBook experience for me).

      Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we simply can’t bring the books to print now. The two books we DO (or did) have in print have sold no more than a handful of copies, if that. Once we’re able to justify the time and expense of putting out a print edition, I’ll be sure to email you and write about it on the blog for others who still like the dead tree versions.

      Thank you for writing.

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