Sneak Peek & Book Trailer for Yesterday’s Gone: Season Finale

I’m so excited about the season finale (get it here), that I made a video trailer. Check it out below. Or click here to watch it at YouTube.  Below the video is our spoiler-free sneak peek at Episode 12.

Spoiler-free behind the scenes:

Episode 12 is titled “Revolution Calling,” a nod to one of my favorite bands growing up, Queensryche. The song comes from the album, Operation Mindcrime, which is one of the best concept albums ever made, with a great story that I’d love to turn into a book if I ever had a chance. On a side note: The highlight of my newspaper career was interviewing singer Geoff Tate. We talked for a little over an hour and he was very down to earth and cool to talk to. I’m pretty sure my questions were more fan-boy that 99.9 % of other interviews he’d done.

Anyway, back to the book …

If Episode 11 was our slowest episode of the season, Episode 12 is easily our fasted-paced, most off the rails action-packed yet.

And then there’s the ending. We pride ourselves on going all out for great cliffhanger endings. Wait until you see this one.

One word: INSANE.

Check out Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 12 here.

Next week we’ll be putting out the full season, at which point, we’ll be raising the single episode prices to $2.99. So if you want to get the episodes for .99, you have until next Monday. After that, you’ll be able to purchase the full season two at $4.99.

We always offer the singles for .99 until the full season is out, so readers have two options of reading without having to spend $18 to read the season.

Check back here Friday, and I’ll tell you about our next project. I’ll also be talking TV, about the return of Walking Dead, and the BEST NEW TV SHOW that’s coming out in March.

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