Behind the Cover & Sneak Peek: Yesterdays Gone Episode 11

(Note: I’ve avoided putting any spoilers in this post, so feel free to read without fear. If you post any spoilers in the comments, please give a warning so people can avoid reading the text. Remember, some people just found our series and aren’t up to speed yet.)

Welcome to the first in a series of posts behind the scenes of our books. I’m going to talk about cover choices, storyline, and some of the thoughts that go into the storytelling process.

Episode 11 of Yesterday’s Gone marks a significant shift in story as we ramp up to the thrilling Season Two finale next week!

The title of this episode is “The Loophole” and we wanted to write something as poignant as LOST’s episode, “The Constant.” The episode centers on Will, whose last name we finally learn is Bishop, a last name I always liked, and is also an homage to the brilliantly written (and cast) character of Walter Bishop on the TV show FRINGE. There’s also some other meaning behind the choice of name, but I’ll leave that to those who enjoy dissecting the story.

One of the things we began this season is to show flashbacks into of the characters’ pasts, in much the same way LOST did.  Can you tell we REALLY loved LOST? (Don’t worry, our ending is NOTHING like Lost’s.)

In this episode we learn a bit about Will’s past, someone whose point of view we purposely have not written from yet. We’re using the past to tell character stories in a more rounded way and showing how themes have carried over from their old lives into this new post-apocalyptic world.

This is something I wish I’d thought to do in Season One, but this is our first major series, and we’re learning as we go.

I feel that in the second season, we’ve really hit our stride and are clicking in so many ways between Sean, myself, and our editor Matt Gartland (speaking of which, Matt just posted an interview with Sean and I which details some of our inspirations and processes.) Episodes 11 and 12 might be the best of the series, for very different reasons.

“The Loophole” is a thoughtful story where we surprise readers in a few ways, though I don’t want to spoil anything here. At the core of this episode is a very romantic story, which is why I love it so much.

Alternate Cover we didn't use for Yesterday's Gone: Episode 11

The title, “The Loophole,” describes Will’s attempt to change fate. In coming up with a cover, I decided to utilize a stock photo of a loophole (also known as arrow slits, used defensively to fire arrows while protecting the soldiers) in a castle wall, which happens to be in the shape of a cross. The cross plays into The Sanctuary, ruled by enigmatic leader, The Prophet, of course.

I almost used the alternate cover to the right, but Sean voted me down on this one. So if you like that one better, yell at him. While I like this cover aesthetically, we’ve done a hole or two already this season, and while I love a good theme, I didn’t want the covers too look too similar.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek behind the scenes of Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 11. I’ll update this post later today with a link to the title at Amazon once it goes on sale.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I’ll answer them.






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    1. I had no idea that Kobo didn’t have the whole season one at least. I’ll look into this. I thought that our distributor for Season One also distributed to Kobo. I’ll update here once I find out. We had some issues with the distributor and had to make some changes to the Season One books, which may have resulted them in getting pulled from the other stores for a bit. I’ve made the changes (removing any reference to Amazon in our books) and am waiting for them to approve.

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