Day 5 Without Sugar (sorta)

So, I’m on day five of my month-long no-sugar diet, and on Superbowl Sunday, no less. A day normally devoted to excess in which I’d indulge in pizza, chips, and maybe top it all off with ice cream.

How did I do?

Today’s SuperBowl Sunday was brought to you by Turkey Burgers and a banana.

I’ve done well all week, actually. I haven’t cheated yet. I thought for sure I’d be elbow deep in a bag of chips or cookies by now, but I’ve managed to resist so far.

One slight problem, though. I THOUGHT I’d been going sugar free. Yeah, I know, bananas turn to sugar in your body, but the idea here is to avoid sugar in processed foods. One of the things I’d been indulging in is peanut butter with my banana, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (using all natural fruit spread which is sweetened with fruit juice, not sugar).

Just one problem, the all natural peanut butter I’ve been eating . . . it has sugar. I don’t know how I missed it before, but it’s in there. And that natural wheat bread? It has brown sugar.


So, here I was thinking I had done so well this week, only to find out, I’d not been completely sugar free. I’ll have to hit the store tomorrow and see if there’s any sugar-free alternatives.

It’s amazing how many foods have sugar, or some variation of, hidden in the ingredient list.

So, that aside, I’ve been eating well. I haven’t tracked overall calories, and I’ve been hungry, and at times, irritable and moody, but I’m not starving myself. I’m probably eating somewhere between 1400 and 2000 calories a day, depending on the day. I want to lose weight, but I don’t want to starve myself, and risk slowing my metabolism down too much.

My wife has helped out by making a few good dishes including a turkey chili with beans, and turkey taco meat with beans and cheese. I was shocked to actually enjoy both a lot! Even the beans, which I’d always avoided in the past because they looked “gross.”

Another favorite this week has been oatmeal, the old fashioned, slow cook kind, with almond milk and some stevia.

My choice of foods was pretty limited this week, but sticking to a few dishes I liked has helped me to not cheat. This coming week, I’m gonna try a few new things and hope to find some new healthy favorites, and maybe a veggie I actually like.

No-sugar purists could pick this diet apart and probably find a few other things I shouldn’t eat. For instance, I just looked and found another hidden sugar, in the almond milk, no less. It has cane juice, which is essentially sugar in liquid form. It’s less processed, but it’s still calories. However, from what I’ve read, dairy milk more or less turns to sugar, also.

But I can’t let myself get caught up in the little things. First, I need to prove I can stick to a healthier eating diet. Then I can tinker and perfect, and maybe go vegetarian at some point (a distant goal).

My writing partner, Sean Platt, who challenged me to do this, is on a more severe diet, sticking to fruit smoothies and lots of veggies, so he’s got a tougher month than I do. However, the difference between this diet and the one I WAS ON, is a difference of night and day.

Not only am I eating better, less processed foods, but…

  • I’m learning that I can limit myself and avoid the foods I used to over indulge in.
  • I’m finding some self-discipline when it comes to eating.
  • I’m actually taking pride in not being a slave to my cravings.

ย And though Sean told me not to weight myself until the month is over, I’m already down 7 pounds.

Might it be water weight? Maybe. But I’m not gonna worry about it. I’m just gonna keep on keepin on, one day at a time. I’ll update again later in the week. If you’re joining me on this challenge, feel free to leave a comment below with an update. Or if you have some ideas for healthy snack items or ways to make veggies less disgusting, please leave a comment.


14 thoughts on “Day 5 Without Sugar (sorta)

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  1. That’s so awesome! So glad to hear you’re doing so well. I lost 10 pounds last summer just giving up sodas. (Diet/Sugar Free Sodas aren’t healthy for you either btw). After that and other changes I have lost over 50 ponds since June. I rarely indulge now in sodas. Just if I have a migraine and need the Coke — a few sips usually does the trick. You need to make sure you get plenty of protein or it can result in hair loss among other problems according to my nutritionist who recommended protein shakes. The Premiere brand comes in at 30 grams.One of the highest. The only place I find them is at Costco. Most just have the chocolate in stock. But, that’s okay, because while the vanilla are drinkable, they’re not all that wonderful. The chocolate is great though and surprisingly it fills me up. (I’m 6’0″ so NOT a petite girl. LOL) Sometimes though I’ll blend some Premiere protein powder (I get it at health food stores) with fruit, milk and ice for a smoothie. BTW if you haven’t tried Braum’s No Fat Milk, you might give it a taste. I actually love it and I hate skim milk you get elsewhere. Anyway, I hope this info is a little helpful. I know you’re trying to give up sugar for this month, so maybe it’ll be more helpful later. One thing I really miss is bread. Still. There are times I think I would do just about anything for a sandwich. Those are not good times. LOL Fortunately, the craving doesn’t last more than a day or five. j/k Just feels that way. Anyway, I think it’s cool you’re sharing the good, the bad and the cranky with us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s to much success!

  2. Thank you for the ideas, Rhonda.

    I’ll check out that milk. I’m quite far from a Costco, but I’ll look into protein drinks. I am getting quite a bit of protein, though. I’m still eating chicken, eggs (or egg whites), and beans, which have protein in them, too. Peanut butter and almonds, too. Forgot to mention the almonds. Not sure I COULD give up bread for too long a period of time, though. Would be rough.

  3. Great job David. That’s a tough old diet you’ve got going on there, but your persistence is paying off. I’m with Sean on this… don’t weigh yourself, it will do your head in. My own experiece is that chasing scale weight is a losing game. It gives comfort so readily but takes it away in a cruel and random way. Just stick to the plan and you’ll achieve the result you’re looking for.
    I’ll be honest, I didn’t think you’d make it this far. I feel bad for thinking that but feel great that you’ve proven me wrong.
    You’re doing an awesome job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good for you David! It feels good doesn’t it? I started Feb 3 and am on a different plan than yours but there is no sugar (no bananas or pineapple either) and we have the same goal in mind. I just wanted to mention that I use to alway go to a health food store that had a grinder. You pour in fresh peanuts and out comes ground peanuts, just peanuts no sugar (or anything else).
    Keep it up you’re doing great.

    1. It DOES feel good! I don’t feel quite as energetic as Sean said I would, but I’ll tell you what — I DON’T feel lethargic and blah all the time like I did before! I don’t have a health store near me, but I DID find peanut butter without ANYTHING else in it. Haven’t tried it yet. Hope it’s not too blah ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, and good luck to you.

  5. David I am so thrilled and proud of you. Seriously, when you showed me the list of what you would eat I felt terribly challenged and terrified. Once I was over the paralysis I looked at it with yours eyes and thought how do we start? Yes the brown bread has brown sugar, and peanut butter well… we can find better alternatives, but we had to start somewhere and remember the list is pretty short. The fact is you have purged the first wave of processed foods out of your system. There’s more to go and bit by bit your taste buds will grow out of necessity. Sean and I are giving air high fives to you all day long. You started the process and from where we started to Day 7 you are PERFECT and getting better friend. I adore you and your tenacious spirit.

  6. David, congratulations on completing the dreaded diet, so far. Stick with it.
    If you want to try peanut butter without any fat and calories lowered by 85% .. then go to Amazon and look for Powdered Peanut Butter. I understand from a forum that it is very good in shakes or just mixed with abit of water.
    Try it on a good,cold lettuce leaf. Veggies taste better to me if they are raw. I eat alot of salads for that reason.. no dressing.

  7. Thanks, Chris. Sorry I didn’t see your post until now.
    I’m still going strong on the diet. I’ll check that powder out. While I don’t like many veggies, I definitely enjoy carrots about a million times more raw than cooked. Thank you for stopping by and your suggestions.

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