Dexter: A love gone sour?

(note: There’s no spoilers in this post, to make it safe for people who are not yet caught up on this season’s Dexter.)

I used to love you, Dexter.

You were the date I couldn’t wait for each week. I’d look forward to the ways you’d thrill me, surprise me, and leave me hanging, and waiting until next time. You were new, fresh, and full of surprises.

Some would say you lost your steam after the whole Trinity storyline. But I stuck with you, defending you to the naysayers. “You don’t know Dexter like I do.”

You were still awesome, but in different ways. Sure newer, sexier shows might have tempted me, but you and I have a history. And long-lasting relationships offer a different sort of love. Maybe other people couldn’t appreciate your finer qualities, but I did.

Yes, I said “did” as in past tense. The cracks are starting to show this season.

Qualities I once saw as quirky, maybe even endearing, I now see for what they truly are — flaws.

This year’s lackluster storyline, lapses in logic, and bad story choices leave me wondering if you’ve stopped caring. It feels like you’re taking me for granted. You assume that just because I’ve always been here for you, I always will be.

Sure, I overlooked the fact that Dexter could get away with using a department computer for years accessing sensitive info on people he planned to kill.

Sure, I overlooked the fact that Dexter stalks his prey, and sometimes encounters them, in places you KNOW would have surveillance cameras, without wearing a mask.

Sure, I overlooked the fact that Dexter, a forensic detective, would leave more fingerprints at crime scenes than a toddler with a chocolate frosted doughnut.

Sure, I overlooked the fact that Dexter used his cell phone to call his victims and nobody would ever check phone records.

Sure, I overlooked the fact that Dexter routinely uses his cell phone with impunity, calling from kill scenes on a regular basis with nobody ever triangulating the signal and catching you.

But now, with this season’s Lamest. Twist. Ever, you’ve forced me to acknowledge what we both have been dancing around for a while… you don’t care about me, as a viewer, anymore.

  • you don’t care about explaining lapses in character actions or logic
  • you don’t care about GIANT FREAKING plot holes
  • you don’t care about believability
  • you don’t care if hamfisted and awkward dialogue induces more eye rolls than a politician pretending to care about the working class

I’m not sure when you stopped paying attention to the little things. Hell, maybe you never did, but I was just too enamored with you to see.

It used to be that Sunday nights were all about you. Sure, I’d spend time with other shows before and after our date. But I was always thinking about, and looking forward to, our time together.

Now, like an exhausted relationship, our time together is oftentimes due to some misplaced sense of devotion. It’s about what used to be. Like Boys II Men said, it’s hard to say goodbye. So, I’ve been hanging on, hoping things would change even while you’ve given me no hope that they will.

Confession time: I’ve had my eye on younger, more attractive shows. Shows that still take the time to do things right. The Walking Dead, and even your younger sister, Homeland, have been thrilling me in ways you haven’t in a while. I care about them. I want to know, NEED TO KNOW, what happens next. Whereas, I find myself barely able to stay awake when I’m with you.

But I haven’t given up yet. Like the woman who refuses to accept what everyone else says about her cad of a boyfriend, I still think there’s something there. Maybe.

Yes, I’m hanging in… for now. However, I’m only going through the motions… just like you.

Reader Question: What do you think of this year’s Dexter? Still great or a shadow of its former self? Leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Dexter: A love gone sour?

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  1. David,
    Very clever. I have to say I do appreciate your style even if I don’t agree with you. Although, I have had a few moments of disappointment, Dexter remains my main man. I’m afraid I have never seen “The Walking Dead” or “Homeland”. I’m not sure they are available in Canada.
    Of course, you could solve all of our issues if you would just get “Yesterdays Gone” &/or “Available Darkness” on screen. I’m waiting.

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      Believe me, it’s tough for me to realize how far this show has fallen. As I was watching it Sunday, all I could think was how much less I enjoyed it than the other two shows I mentioned. If they ARE available in Canada, check them out, you’ll thank me later. Walking Dead had such an epic episode. Homeland was compelling, complex, and beautifully executed. Meanwhile, Dexter’s ending was soooooo expected and anticlimactic. I wouldn’t even mind if the twist was obvious if I gave a damn at all about the storyline (which I don’t).

      I don’t hate the show. There were two cool things this season, the Brother Sam storyline and Trinity’s son, but both were given the shaft while the writers spent a majority of the time on the Doomsday killer. Talk about bad priorities.

      Were you at all surprised by the big reveal in this week’s episode? I REALLY hope that wasn’t their Big Reveal for the season. If so, I’m very disappointed.

      The only thing that will save this season, for me, is if Deb finds out what Dexter is up to at the end. And I think the show is leading up to that. So, maybe Dexter will find its way back into my heart next year.

      Oh, as to the last thing, I’m not sure if Available Darkness would translate well to TV. As for Yesterday’s Gone, HBO or Showtime is in development of a series about the world’s population vanishing on October 15th! Talk about your unfortunate coincidences!

      1. No David, I was not at all surprised about the big reveal on Sunday. Quite frankly I was shocked at the number of people that were. Deb finding out about Dexter has been expected for some time now so I think I might be disappointed about that as well.
        I will have to try and find those other two shows and check them out. Have you watched “Shameless” with William H. Macy. We really love that one. It is a total mess and we laugh through the whole thing. It should be watched from the beginning.
        Perhaps we are talking movie for “Available Darkness” if you don’t think it will translate well to TV. I think it would work. One chapter at a time much like you originally revealed it to us. As far as the HBO series, these things do seem to come in “trends” (for lack of a better word). It is why CSI led to all their franchise shows, and NCIS and their franchises and many other forensic type shows now. Whatever HBO has to offer I doubt if they could compete with your character development in “Yesterday’s Gone”. Something to think about, maybe.

  2. I agree with you, David, about Dexter and was especially disturbed by the actual finale with Deb. I don’t see this as being part of Deb’s personality, it makes no sense.
    As for AMC’s Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, they are the best. But the best new show is Homeland on Showtime. I usually subscribe to Showtime to get Dexter in the fall and end it when Dexter is over. This season it was all about Homeland and Dexter was second. Or maybe third. There was Game of Thrones, too on HBO so Dexter really has to step to the plate. But it is the last season coming up so good bye,happy kills, Dexter.

  3. David, I wanted to ask you a questions maybe you can answer here: How did you and Sean get together. I understand you have only met a couple of times so how did you first “meet” and agree to collaborate on stories? I have written some myself but don’t understand the collaboration thing. It seems I see more and more of it now.

  4. Dexter jumped the shark, so to speak, when he hooked with that girl (can’t recall her name) that poisoned his sister, Deb. AND Dexter, along with all the characters of note, just kept jumping until the ending when it all went SPLAT!

      1. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more about Dexter. By contrast Breaking Bad had the perfect ending, one of the all time best endings to a TV show ever. Agree?

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