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In 2011, my co-author, Sean Platt, and I decided the timing was never better for us to write our brand of serialized fiction. For the first time in history, thanks largely to Amazon and its Kindle device/app, authors were able to find and build their own audiences without having to go through traditional publishing channels.

A few years ago, there was no way a traditional publisher would take on a serial, much less a serial from a couple of unknown authors.

Now, everything has changed.

Inspired by Stephen King’s The Green Mile, and our favorite serialized TV shows, LOST, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica, Carnivale, Fringe, and a host of other shows, in 2011 we kicked off our post-apocalyptic serial, Yesterday’s Gone.

It did okay. But we knew the only way to really make a splash in the world of serialized fiction, we’d have to go all out.

We aim to be the HBO, AMC, or Showtime of the Kindle Generation, with the kind of character-driven stories, and WTF cliffhangers you’re used to seeing on the best of serialized TV.

In 2012, we decided we’d work pretty much nonstop in order to publish a book per week.

Just like TV, we create our work in weekly episodes, with six episodes per season. We then release the seasons in one low-priced volume. So you can choose to follow along on the weekly ride or wait until the full season is released and read it as a standard series type book.

Since January 10, we’ve done exactly that with a mix of new episodes, Season compilations, and our Twilight Zone-inspired Dark Crossings short stories (and collections), we’ve done exactly that.

In September, Amazon Publishing’s 47North contacted us, based on the success we’ve had with Yesterday’s Gone and asked us to create and write two new serials for their Amazon Serials program.

We said hell yeah!

We’ve now released a total of six serialized series, all of which will be seeing new seasons in 2013!

Here’s a list of books we’ve released to date. Click on any of the images to go to the product pages.

If you’ve got a moment, please leave a review and let me know what you think of the post-apocalyptic series.




Season Two Begins Early 2013



Season Two begins December 2012



Season Two begins in Spring 2013



Z 2134

Monstrous — coming in December 2012



The first book is the compilation including all six stories.


The first book is the compilation including all six stories.

Join the conversation! 52 Comments

  1. I found Yesterday’s gone mentioned on a Review for the wool books and although there was several mentions of bad language I thought I’d give it a shot! Absolutely loved it and have recommended to friends and family. What’s struck me is that the writing is excellently descriptive and I’ve felt been thoroughly engrossed in the story. I’ve just gotten next series today but will have to ration it.
    Take care and keep up the good work ( although if you could write a bit faster that would be great : )
    Best regards
    Lyn from Ireland

    • Thanks, Lyn. I’m glad you gave Yesterday’s Gone a chance. Yes, we’ve gotten some flack for the bad language, but it’s within the context of each character. Boricio’s chapters are always “colorful,” while other characters have far less (or in some cases no) cursing.

      I find it interesting that people take more of an issue with language than the horrible things that people are DOING in the story. The way I see it, it’s the post-apocalypse, so bad people are gonna do (and say) bad things. I’m surprised that people would expect it to be G-rated.

      As for writing speed, we’re putting out an episode a week (including our other series ForNevermore and now WhiteSpace this Tuesday). I’m not sure we could write faster unless a) we find a way to go without sleep b) we clone ourselves. I think my wife would take issue with more of me running around :)

      Thank you for writing!

  2. I have been doing tons of travelling lately and the only thing that made the 12 hour bus rides etc a pleasure was burning through the first 2 seasons of yesterdays gone. I loved Stephen kings the stand and this is right up there with that. Just brilliant. Keep the good work coming. I shouldn’t have went through them so fast!
    I’m an instant fan and follower. And will review on amazon.
    Cynthia from Canada

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Thank you for the comment. Sorry I missed it until now. I appreciate the kind words and the review! Glad we could help make the 12 hour bus rides more enjoyable! I remember riding the bus to work for years, writing in my spiral dreaming of the day that people would be reading our stuff! Thank you for helping make that dream come true. We appreciate it.

  3. Hey David,

    I have “discovered” you through Sean Platt’s online presence and your “Yesterday’s Gone”, which I just bought for my Kindle. I also luv luv and I mean double luv your podcasts with Sean and Johnny, super-hilarious and infotaining at the same time.
    Anything with Goths on trees deserves listening.

    Also – it’s awesome what you’re doing – the serialized fiction idea & the branding of your book covers (I’m heavily into art & design) looks not only super-pro but effective as well – big-ass letters, nice contrast and simply striking images and color.
    Your covers look especially good when in thumbnail size – while most people’s book covers on Amazon look cheap, unreadable and convoluted, yours are crystal-like sharp and clear. Lol, I’m such a design nerd but that STANDS OUT when you see all the visual rubbish out there.

    Anyways, I’ll keep checking your stuff out, because you rock the socks off.
    KICK ass my friend,
    over and out,

    • Thanks, Mars,

      I appreciate the nice words. And thanks for the nod on the covers. While I don’t like all the ones I did — some of the images are a bit bland and I’ll likely re-do them — I do like most of them a lot. I spent a lot of time trying to get covers right, so it’s good to hear that someone who knows design says I’m doing something right! Thanks again.

  4. What’s a ballpark ETA of new episodes Yesterday’s Gone? I LOVE LOVE LOVE these series and I am having serious withdrawal symptoms and can’t wait for the next read!

  5. As someone who’s recently found Yesterday’s Gone I have to wonder how many seasons there are. I’ve plowed through the first 2 and just bought 3. And I see there’s a season 4 waiting. Without reading much I wonder… is there a season 5?

    I’m going to be brutally honest and say that knowing already that Season 3 isn’t the wrap up kind of sucks. It’s a great story but knowing that it’s drawn out to 4 seasons already seems like a money grab frankly. The story doesn’t support many more seasons. Not without some inane machinations and some honestly stupid plot twists.

    Battle Star Galactica (A series you reference as one of your catalysts) worked BECAUSE it ended. It had a finite point in it’s universe and some might argue that point was just a bit past the point of jumping the shark. (Starbuck being lost in a gas giant looking for God and then coming back later? Yeah, pretty sure there might be a shark there someplace.)

    The Show 24 is a prime example of a series based theme. Each week another amazing adventure, leaving us with a cliff hanger… But you got and watch season 6 and honestly say they didn’t run it too far and that it wasn’t just silly at that point.

    My fear is that with these series you’ll draw them out too long. I worry that you’re going to write something akin to 24, season 6 instead of saying “Hey, this kicked ass. Let’s wrap it up.” Perhaps my fears are misplaced.

    I’m no author. But I am a fan with a critical mind. I’m someone who enjoys a great story but realizes all good stories end. I won’t bight on a continuation that’s just fluff meant to string me along. I just wonder… is that where you’re headed? Cuz I’d rather know now and cut my losses than follow that rabbit hole.

    • Hey, NoMatter,

      Thank you for your comment.

      There are exactly SIX seasons planned.

      While you’ve only just found us, I believe our track record shows that we put story, and our readers, above ALL else. If we were making a “money grab,” we wouldn’t release short stories (of which we now have released 16 or so though they make little money). We write them because we like them, and our core readers enjoy them. But for the most part, they don’t make us money.

      If we were about the “cash grab” we CERTAINLY wouldn’t release a second season of ForNevermore, which didn’t sell nearly enough to justify writing the next season! However, when writing serials, we made an oath to our readers that we would finish any story we started, no matter what. So we’re writing ForNevermore for those readers who loved it, even though we’re almost assured to lose money on it. We’ll lose money and 2-3 months of time spent writing it and not writing/releasing anything else in that time. I don’t know too many people willing to not make money for 2-4 months that are all about the “money grab.”

      As for Yesterday’s Gone, we realized somewhere during the writing of the series that to do what we wanted could not happen in three seasons. After much deliberation, we settled on six. There’s no fluff. There’s no stretching of anything out. We’ve spent countless hours plotting this out, and we are excited with what’s coming next.

      The idea that we would write something as a “money grab” is interesting for another reason. Even if the accusation were true, and we just churned out a book because we thought it would sell, it’s a bad business plan. We STILL have to sell books after that one, right?

      How long could we possibly put out crap books before we alienate our core readers? Not long, I suspect.

      We STILL have to write good books, or readers won’t buy the next one. We don’t think short-term success. We think longterm. We want our readers to be lifelong readers. We value them too much to ever put out something we don’t love. If we put out crap, people will lose their trust in us. In the end, READERS keep all writers honest. Well, all working writers.

      That’s not saying we WON’T ever put out a crap book. We could “jump the shark,” and some would say we have. Hell, every time you put something out there, some people will love it, and some will hate it. We can’t please everyone all the time. It’s impossible for ANY writer. But we’re never going to intentionally write a sucky book. We write the books we want to read, and hope there’s enough people who like the same stuff we do.

      That’s why we started writing serials in 2011, because nobody else was really doing it. Not like we were. In fact, most people we talked to told us it was insane to try and do a serial, that we’d never sell any. It was a HUGE gamble to release Yesterday’s Gone when we did. We turned down lots of paid work to pursue that dream.

      But we wanted to write serials. We believed that we could find enough people who felt like we did. It took nearly six months before that dream started to pay off. We trusted ourselves and the stories we wanted to tell, and never take our readers for granted.

      Having said all that, you can read up to the end of Season Three and leave the series completely satisfied. We answered most of the questions we began with. So it’s a clean breaking off point if you’ve had enough.

      But for those who want to see what’s next, we’ve got three more seasons planned. And we aim to make each one better than the last.

      Thank you again for your comment,


  6. Where did your collectiveinkwell site disappear to? I have been following for about a year and I went on the site Saturday and it won’t come up! What’s the deal?

  7. Please, make another Monstrous book. PLEASE!

  8. Hi David,

    I’m loving the Z series!

    Do you have a release date z2136 yet?



    • Hi Nick, thanks for the comment. We’ll be writing Z starting next week. I don’t have a firm date from 47North other than early 2014. Once I know for certain, I’ll post something on the Collective Inkwell site (and here).

  9. Hi David
    When is season 3 of WhiteSpace coming out? I just finished season 2 and OH MY GOD I LOVED IT!!
    Thank You!!

  10. Hi there,

    I’ve recently finished all 4 seasons (in the space of 2 weeks) and I’m hooked!
    Please tell me that the complete season 5 will be out soon…I love the concept of serialised fiction but I’m just too impatient to wait for the next instalment! I HAVE to read it in one go :-)

    In the mean time, I think I’m going to have to read your other stuff. If they’re half as good as yesterday’s gone then I’m certain I’ll love them.

    • I should add that I’m talking about yesterday’s gone, lol!

      I’m so excited about the nest season I can’t even type an email properly!

  11. Just finished season four of yesterday’s gone and it was great!

    When is season 5 going to be released?

  12. Hi
    Please please could you tell me when the follow on book from monstrous will be published??
    Many thanks

  13. When will the new yesterday’s gone be released? Feels like I have been waiting for months since I finished season 4 😆. Also when will the new White Space be released? Love these awesome stories can’t get enough

  14. Hi David…I am a new reader of your words. I guess this is somewhat of a goofy fan letter as well as a question that I must have answered. First of all, I downloaded Crash completely at random, added it to my list of sample books that I figured I would never actually buy because, well, in this vast new world of ebooks, I have kissed a lot of frogs, let me tell you. So WOW was I surprised to find a prince! Yes that’s you! Finally, a writer who knows his craft; a writer who actually understands the concept that not only do you need a good plot and writing that doesn’t suck, but you need to let your reader KNOW your characters well enough to give a shit about them. So rare these days with all the self publishing going on. Wannabe writers are crawling out of the woodwork like ants that I cannot set traps for. Anyway, after buying, reading and loving Crash, I felt like I had found a gold mine and immediately chose one of your serials to keep me from everything else in my life that I should be doing but probably wouldn’t be doing. So right now I am about halfway through White Space Season One. The plot intrigued me the most. For some reason I thought there were only Season One and Season Two and that was it. I am still grasping the whole serial thing in my head…..sorry and duh. So my question is this: Is there positively for sure without a doubt pinky swear etc. going to be a Season 3? And God help me….more after that? I am loving this book so freaking much that I’m terrified to keep reading without a definitive answer from yep…you. Actually, are any of your serials completely finished??
    Thanks for letting me blabber on! You are truly a gift


    • Hi Sandy,

      I appreciate the kind words. And oh yes, there will be a WhiteSpace: Season Three. We will finish any serial we start, though it is tricky to schedule them all. We have to schedule ones that do well to supplement the ones that don’t do so well financially.

      Our next novel, Threshold, will be out in Aug. and it too is a completed story.

      Our only completed series thus far is Z 2134, a mash-up of Hunger Games, 1984, The Walking Dead, and a bunch of other dystopian influences, which we published with 47North. There’s three books, Z 2134, 2135, and 2136. I think the first book is a bit rough in the first half, but the story gets better as it goes.

      WhiteSpace is my fav. thing we’ve done so far. We’ll be wrapping up Available Darkness at some point, later this year, most likely, with its third season.

      We’ve also got a book of short stories, the Dark Crossings Collection, which are all complete stories on their own. Short, but there IS an ending.

      Hope this helps!

      Thank you again for the kind words,


  15. I have loved reading Yesterday’s Gone and can’t wait for season 5! Thank you for creating something that is both original yet drawing on some great concepts from King and other Sci – Fi and horror masters. Truly a gripping story. The character Boricio is a revelation, making you question tired concepts of right and wrong. Well done.

  16. Wow! I just finished Season 5 and was thoroughly pleased with the over all effort. [EDITED TO REMOVE SPOILERS] The story has yet to miss a beat, it has been as much fun as Stephen Kings Black Tower series. It keeps you turning the page and I am eagerly waiting for season 6. Keep up the good work

  17. My son and I read the first 4 seasons of yesterday’s gone and we have been chomping at the bit waiting for sea son 5. Any idea when it will be released?

  18. Any idea when Yesterday’s Gone, Season Six will be out?

  19. Do you have any idea when season 6 of Yesterday’s gone might be finished?

  20. Hi David,
    I have been listening to ‘Yesterdays Gone’ on Audible and have thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration between you and Sean! I just finished Season 2 and am wondering if there are plans for Season 3 to be released on audio book anytime soon?
    Thanks for a great story!

    • Candice — Thank you for the kind words. The third season of YG should be out on audio within a few weeks. We’ve not got a firm date from the publisher, Podium books yet. Once we do, we will definitely send out an email to our Goners mailing list.

  21. Yesterday’s Gone.
    Wow what a seriously great set of books. I’m listening through audible and Christ on a bike they are good . I’m a decorator of 25 years and boring springs to mind!! was a great week listening to the first 2 seasons.
    Please some news on seasons 4,5 and 6 on audio

    • Thanks, Matthew! Season Three is done. We’re just waiting to hear from the publisher when it’ll be released. We did sign for all six seasons to be produced by Podium Publishing. But they take time to produce, so it’ll be a while before the other seasons are released, I’m thinking.

  22. I love both Yesterday’s Gone and Whitespace…when is season 3 of Whitespace going to be released? I was also curious to know what book of yours I should read next. Don’t give me an easy “you should read them all” type of answer please.

  23. When is season 3 of Whitw Space going to be available; and how many seasons will there be in total for this series?

  24. Finished the amazing Yesterday’s Gone series and it was incredible! Nearly finished the equally addictive seasons 1 and 2 of Whitespace – any news on when we’ll see season 3 please?
    Thanks for the great work guys!

  25. Any news yet on White Space Season 3??? Not that I remember much from Seasons 1 or 2 anymore. No more serials for me that aren’t completely finished before I start reading. Definitely not worth the frustration!

  26. Where’s whitespace season 3!!!!! you get us hooked and then take it awat

  27. I have recently finished listening to the first three seasons of Yesterday’s Gone on audible. I’m a single dad of 3 and work a full time job so it’s pretty hard for me to find time to read and the only time I can enjoy a good book is when I’m at work in between jobs and on break. I was just wondering if the other seasons were going to be put on Audible as well?

    • Tom, Thank you for writing. Yes, all six seasons will be published on Audible by Podium Books. I’m not sure how the publisher decides when to produce the next season, though. I know they have to get the cast together and the production is pretty time-consuming and expensive. The best way to let them know you want more is probably to leave a review on the first three seasons and let them know the demand is there. I’ll update on the blog and our mailing list once I know more.

  28. I recently read Yesterday’s gone (all six seasons in a go) and absolutely loved it. Thought I would take the chance and read Whitespace and then moved onto Available darkness. Love them equally but just a little worried about the continuation of them……. so far no mention of a season 3….. Can you tell us when it will be coming out? Any update would be great…

    • Hi Robyn,

      We’ll be wrapping up both Available Darkness and WhiteSpace trilogies very soon. The plan is later this year to early next year. We wanted to wait until we were ready to finish the stories right rather than rush out something just to put a wrap on things.


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