The Walking Dave Podcast

It’s Monday and I’m back on the road, walking and talking. Topics today: Non-spoiler mention of the Game of Thrones premiere. Editing Crash and Threshold. Jason Gurley’s awesome cover work and whether we should commission him to do Yesterday’s Gone covers. Then I answered a listener email from Laura who asked which I enjoy more making […]

The Walking Dave Podcast

Just got done walking and here’s today’s podcast. Subjects included: Doing covers for Crash Brief mention of Ray Chase, the voice actor for Boricio. Talking about why I love the show, The Americans, so much. (no spoilers) Regret Meditation and I wrap things up discussing the anniversary of my best friend’s death. Note: in the podcast, […]

The Walking Dave Podcast

Hey there! After being sick for all of last week, I’m back to walking. Thanks to everyone’s well wishes. First, I have to say that YES, yesterday’s post was an April Fool’s Day joke! The night before, I was talking with Carl Sinclair about doing something for April Fool’s Day. I pitched something, and Carl suggested […]

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Hey, everyone. After a lot of soul searching, I’ve decided to quit writing. For a full explanation of WHY, please watch the video below or click the link to see it on YouTube. Or click here to see the video on YouTube.  

Snoopy - No shape to exercise

Still feeling sick, so I’m going to rest up and return to The Walking Dave on Monday. I feel like I should’ve rested yesterday rather than gone out walking because when it came time to do the Author Hangout last night, I was sick, grouchy, and my back hurt (from my crappy bed), so I […]

The Walking Dave Podcast

I’m sick today and the last two recordings I did, the audio was messed up, which meant I had to get off my ass and walk TODAY if I wanted a post up here. So, thank you, accountability! In this episode, I answered Heather’s question on what comic strips I liked and how they shaped […]

The Walking Dave Podcast

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday on the first post. In today’s episode (recorded last Thursday), I walked and talked about the story I’m working on, Crash. Don’t worry, no spoilers. I also talked about the music I’m listening to while writing Crash and why I think we like the music we like most. I […]

The Walking Dave Podcast

So, a few weeks ago on The Self Publishing Roundtable, we were interviewing author Nathan Lowell and one of the things that came up was the podcast he does when he goes walking each day. And I thought, wow, that is the best idea ever! So, naturally, I stole it. You see, I’ve been NEEDING […]


Before I start this post, first let me say, I like cats … at least in the abstract. They’re cute, they don’t lick you all the time with their stupid germs like certain canines (and don’t even send me a letter about dogs or cats having clean tongues — they lick their butts, how clean […]


(note: This is a rare cross post which I also put up at Collective Inkwell. Sorry for the duplicate posts if you subscribe to both blogs, but since this is a post regarding the future direction of this site, I wanted to post it here, too.) If you’ve looked inside our book Z 2135, out […]