(note: This is a rare cross post which I also put up at Collective Inkwell. Sorry for the duplicate posts if you subscribe to both blogs, but since this is a post regarding the future direction of this site, I wanted to post it here, too.) If you’ve looked inside our book Z 2135, out […]

So, it’s that time of year again where people look at all the shit they’re doing, beat up on themselves, and proudly declare, “THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!” I’ve never been a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, because let’s face it, I’m used to lying to myself. What’s one more broken promise to lose […]

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

(Note: even if you’re not a gamer, I think you’ll enjoy this post) I’ve played a few great games this year. From Dishonored to Far Cry 3 to Tomb Raider to GTA V, this has been a great year to be a gamer. But none of those games stacks up to my most recent purchase: […]


Tonight we took the training wheels off my son’s bike, and I couldn’t be more nervous. My wife, in attempts to encourage him to learn to ride without the training wheels, told him he could ride faster without training wheels. For my son, who LOVES to run as fast as humanly possible, it was like […]

Pic of Dave being his smiley self

One day to go until  Z 2135 launches… I’m excited to see how this season will be received by readers. Thoughts going into this season: Will YOU love it? Will haters still keep hating? Just waiting for the first, “the Simpson’s did it” comment. What you will think of a few of the more WTF […]

Z 2135 cover

So, in the last post, I talked about lessons learned from Z 2134. In today’s post, I’m going to talk about some of the ways we approached this season (Z 2135) to make it better. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers for either Z 2134 or Z 2135 in here. MORE ZOMBIES One of the first […]


(This is the first in a series of posts leading up to the publication of the Kindle Serial, Z 2135 on August 27. There will be no spoilers here. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or email me. Please avoid leaving spoilers for Z 2134 in the comments.) […]

Taking Up Space comic

This blog has become something of an ignored bastard of late. The problem with blogging for me has always been having too many different things to write about, but they’re all over the place topic-wise. Going back to 1999, I’ve drawn and published comics, and written about the following: comics, writing, TV, movies, parenting, weight […]

We’re in the home stretch now of writing Yesterday’s Gone: Season Four. I wanted to write some daily behind-the-scenes sort of stuff here as we go through the process, for fellow writers or readers who want to follow along. I’ll avoid spoilers, but will talk a bit about some things going on, some of the challenges […]

Or, rather, make an ass out of myself to? Here’s the deal. Once WhiteSpace: Season One gets 100 verified reviews (meaning you bought it and left a review), I’m going to dance to one of these songs. And seeing that I’m a big fat guy better suited for writing than anything involving actual movement or […]