The Walking Dave 11: The Worst Thing You Can Do As a Writer Today

Hi! This post was supposed to run on Monday, but I wound up holding onto it for a day or so to see if I still wanted to post it.

Why would I hold it?

Well, it’s kind of negative.

I know, big surprise.

But I try to keep these podcasts positive, because despite my now famous curmudgeonry, when it comes to creativity, I’m actually a rather positive person who hates when cynicism infects art.

This post was inspired by some conversations I’ve had recently with other writers who have been scared away from various message boards. Why? Because by sharing their advice, they’ve become targets so much so that they’ve withdrawn from certain parts of the writing community.

The way I see it writers do one of two things when they’re having a tough time at writing.

And I talk about those things in this podcast.

Other stuff worth mentioning:

My good friend Carl Sinclair has also started a writing podcast, a video one no less called Geekwalker. I saw it after I recorded this, so it’s not mentioned in this episode. But here’s a link to check it out.

Speaking of friends with videos, Garrett Robinson has posted an awesome video review of our book, WhiteSpace: Season One. Wow, our story sounds so cool when other people talk about it! Garrett also posted some hilarious outtakes from the review.


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The Walking Dave 10: Taking a Lesson From Stephan Pastis on Selling Your Art and Yourself

I taped this episode last week, but wound up using it for today because it was raining all day and night yesterday.

In this episode, I talk about an industry in its death throes as artists attempt to cobble a living together.

No, I’m not talking about traditional publishing (though I very well could be), I’m talking about newspapers, and comic artists. As someone who did comics for 10 years, I was both moved and depressed by watching the documentary Stripped.

I urge you to watch it whether you like comics or not because of some of the wisdom imparted by Pearls Before Swine artist Stephan Pastis (who I inadvertently called Stephen with an “e” in this podcast — whoops!), and what he had to say about making it as a creator today.

And his advice isn’t just for comic artists. It’s for anyone making a living selling themselves and their art.

I also talked about how the Penny Arcade guys turned the corner when they met their business partner.

This is a pretty art and marketing-centric episode today, but I think you’ll find some value in it.

In other news:

I still owe you a post about my favorite writer and homophobia. I want it to be awesome, though, so I’m holding it until tomorrow (Thursday).

Lastly, Amazon has the first two seasons of our zombie trilogy, Z 2134 and Z 2135, on sale today only for $1.99 as part of a Kindle Daily Deal. So if you haven’t gotten those yet, now’s a good time to do it while saving a few dollars. While you’re at it, if you’re in the US, you can pick up the end of the trilogy, Z 2136 (which will be available worldwide in 3 more weeks).

Lastly, at the end of this podcast I say I’ll be back on Monday. That’s because it was last week’s podcast I was originally recording for Friday. There will be a new episode this Friday, though.

And lastly (again) there’s a few minutes of dead air at the end of this one, so don’t wait around for an appearance by Nick Fury or something. When I say goodbye, you can turn off the audio. Or meditate. Whatever floats your boat.

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The Walking Dave 9: Play and the Short Story Terms of Service

Hey there. Dave here with a few notes. First — from now on, I’ll be posting updates on M,W,F.

Next, we’re finally up on iTunes! Go check it out. And feel free to leave a review if you’re getting any enjoyment out of this podcast.

Back with an update in which I talk about my new favorite exercise — playing.

I also talked about a short story I’m writing, Terms of Service, which we’ll be giving out free to Goners on our list this week.

I also mentioned Buddy Gott’s new walking podcast.

Buddy’s Walking Show.

Though I didn’t mention them in the podcast, here’s a few other readers who have been inspired by me, or by me and other writers, to do a walking podcast. Thanks, guys. Glad to see more people joining the walking podcast movement!

Michael La Ronn’s podcast

The Walking Rob

The Walking Dave Episode 9 — Playing

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See you tomorrow with a non-podcast post where I talk about homophobia and my favorite writer.

The Walking Dave 8: Politics in Writing, and Kindle Serials

Hey, there.

Dave here with an episode I did last Wednesday, which I was supposed to upload on Friday, but totally dropped the ball on.

In this episode, I answer a reader question on whether I’d write politics into our books.

I also talked about concern for Kindle Serials.

In the next episode, I’ll talk about this weekend, and a bit of progress I made mentally.

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The Walking Dave: Episode 8


The Walking Dave 7: Back and Talking About Addiction and Diet Soda

Hey, all. I’m back. Sorry for the delay. I explain why in this episode.

I meant to post this on Monday, but my schedule got slammed and I dropped the ball. On the plus side, I’ve already got tomorrow’s episode recorded and ready to go!

In this episode I talk about being addicted to food, and even more, diet soda, and trying to kick it.

Coming tomorrow, I answer a listener question about politics in fiction.

Listen below:

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The Walking Dave Episode 6: Jason Gurley Covers, Crash, and Listener Question on Comics Versus Books

It’s Monday and I’m back on the road, walking and talking.

Topics today:

Non-spoiler mention of the Game of Thrones premiere.

Editing Crash and Threshold.

Jason Gurley’s awesome cover work and whether we should commission him to do Yesterday’s Gone covers.

Then I answered a listener email from Laura who asked which I enjoy more making comic strips or writing books, and why?

Listen below

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The Walking Dave Episode 5: On Meditation and Loss of My Best Friend, Todd

Just got done walking and here’s today’s podcast.

Subjects included:

  • Doing covers for Crash
  • Brief mention of Ray Chase, the voice actor for Boricio.
  • Talking about why I love the show, The Americans, so much. (no spoilers)
  • Regret
  • Meditation
  • and I wrap things up discussing the anniversary of my best friend’s death.

Note: in the podcast, I said Todd died 16 years ago. It is, in fact, 18 years ago. Not sure why I said 16, unless I was thinking of the year, ’96. Or I suck at math.

As always, thank you for listening,


Listen below:

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